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The end of the year is traditionally a more expensive time for most of us – so we don’t know about you, but we definitely wouldn’t say no to a bit of luck in the financial department!

As you may already know, luck is hugely important when it comes to gambling, as virtually all gaming outcomes are completely random and wholly dependent on luck. So is there any way to actually increase your luck while you play in order to guarantee a successful outcome? Unfortunately no – however when it comes to lucky charms, some would actually say yes. Let’s take a look at the various charms, amulets and talismans that some people and cultures swear by, and you can judge for yourself.


1. Rabbit’s foot
Of course this had to be on the list – everyone knows that a rabbit’s foot is said to bring good luck. What we’re not actually sure of though, is why. Obviously it wasn’t good luck for the rabbit, so why is it good luck for us?

Some say that the rabbit’s foot needs to be transformed into a charm by means of a certain ritual. Others say that some belief systems, such as those in African cultures, look upon the rabbit as being cunning and wily, hence its foot being seen as lucky. However, there is no definitive theory as to why the rabbit’s foot is said to be lucky, only that is it. What is known is that a rabbit’s foot is considered to be lucky in a number of different countries around the world, from North and South America to Europe, China and Africa too. So who are we to say otherwise? Try it for yourself and see – your rabbit’s foot could help you take the first step towards a life-changing jackpot!

2. Elephants
From small furry rabbits to huge majestic elephants and hopefully even more luck! Believe it or not, elephants are considered to be lucky across a number of regions in Asia, including India and Thailand. Seen as a powerful symbol of luck, strength, fertility and wisdom, the elephant is revered as an icon of good fortune – particularly when its trunk is raised in the air. So if you’re ever in a home, a place of work, or even a casino with a statue or an image of an elephant, things could soon be looking up for you!

3. Pigs
Believe it or not, pigs are also seen as symbols of good luck, particularly in Germany, where the phrase ‘Schwein haben’ (to have a pig) doesn’t just refer to literally owning a pig – it means to have a stroke of good luck as well. In fact, German culture is littered with references to pigs being symbols of good luck – and being huge fans of bacon, we totally agree. The connection between pigs and luck might go back to them historically being seen as symbols of wealth, however we’re just happy for pigs to be their fabulous selves, and to hopefully bring a little luck our way at the same time too.

4. Alligator Teeth
If you think a rabbit’s foot is a slightly strange item to hold onto for good luck, try this one on for size – alligator teeth! Yes, that’s right – according to American legend, alligator teeth are prized by gamblers as good luck totems. We’re not exactly sure why, but if you’ve been able to escape an alligator attack with your life intact and a gator tooth as a souvenir, then yes, that’s amazing luck. So we can sort of see how the tale has taken on a life of its own.

We’re not sure if you’re meant to actually hold the alligator tooth for luck, or if wearing one on a necklace or bracelet would work just as well, but either way, please don’t go out and try to extract a tooth from a live alligator yourself. We’re no experts, but that seems like all kinds of bad luck right there. Also, alligators actually lose teeth naturally as they grow older, which is when they’re used to make good luck charms. So no need to face off against a gator one-on-one – just let nature take its course, and you could soon be in luck!

5. Scarab Beetles
If you’ve seen the 1999 movie ‘The Mummy’ with Brendan Fraser, you might be raising an eyebrow at this one – because scarab beetles were most definitely NOT lucky for the people they came across in the film. Be that as it may, these creatures were actually considered to be good luck in ancient Egypt, symbolizing rebirth. Today they’ve been adopted by gamblers as a good luck symbol to use in casinos, and while we’re not sure they represent rebirth in this context, who knows – they might help revitalize a winning streak for you!

Natural magic

1. Four-leaf clover
While the animal kingdom is rich with good luck charms, the plant kingdom has just as many to offer as well – most notably in the form of the four-leaf clover. Universally recognized as a good luck symbol throughout Western culture, the four-leaf clover is characteristically associated with Ireland and St Patrick, the country’s patron saint.

While it’s actually the three-leaf clover that’s the most common emblem of St Patrick’s Day on 17 March, the four-leaf clover is known as a symbol of good luck simply due to its rarity. In fact, the chances of you finding one are actually 1 in 5076 (if you want to get specific about it), so if you do manage to happen upon one, hold onto it!

Where the three-leaf clover is a symbol of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, known as the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the leaves of the four-leaf clover are said to represent faith, hope, love and good luck – which is where the legend no doubt stems from. Whether the four-leaf clover really does bring good luck remains to be seen – what we do know is that it’s incredibly lucky to find one in the first place, so bringing that kind of energy along with you when you gamble couldn’t exactly hurt!

2. Acorns
These small nuts are always used as examples of big potential – how a mighty oak tree can grow from just one tiny acorn. However they’re also known as symbols of good luck in many cultures as well, most notably by the British, who use the acorn as a protection charm against illness or disease. Likewise Norse mythology also looks to the acorn for good luck, linking it to Thor, the god of thunder, and using it in the home as protection against storms. We’re not sure if the acorn is specifically used for good luck in gambling, but every little bit (literally) counts.

3. Carp scales
It might sound strange but there’s nothing fishy about this! That’s because carp is actually a traditional Christmas meal in many European countries such as Poland, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Once the fish has been prepared for the meal, it’s said that saving a few of the scales and keeping them in a wallet will help to bring money flowing in. If that’s what you’re looking for from your gambling (and let’s face it, most people are) then that might be an idea this festive season – although remember to wash the scales first so that they’re not as… fragrant. Who knows – you could end up reeling in a jackpot, all with the help of a few fish scales!


1. Cat’s eye gem
Looking for something more along the line of jewellery or gems? Then try a chrysoberyl, also known as a cat’s eye gem – so named for the beam of light shining from its centre that’s said to mimic the eyes of a cat. Popular in Western culture, the cat’s eye gem can be worn in pieces such as a necklace, bracelet or ring, either as an adornment, a lucky charm, or a talisman to ward off evil. Whether it can help the reels roll in your favour or not remains to be seen, but either way, you’ll still look fabulous while you play, and that’s just as important.

2. Nazar boncuğu amulet
We can’t pronounce this so don’t even ask us to try. What we do know about this unique piece is that the Arabic word ‘Nazar’ means ‘evil eye’, and that the amulet in turn is said to ward off evil from others. Usually found in Turkish markets, the amulet is crafted from blue, white and black glass, and is thought to protect the wearer from negative energy and ill will – which could certainly come in handy round the casino tables! Keep one of these on you the next time you play, and you could find only good luck and positive energy coming your way.

3. Hamsa hand
Need a hand with your winning streak? You could be in luck with the Hamsa hand – a lucky symbol said to both protect against evil and bring good luck. Popular in Judaism, Islam, and many Middle Eastern and North African cultures, the Hamsa hand comes in two forms – either with the fingers apart to ward off evil, or with the fingers together, to channel good luck. Often worn as a piece of jewellery or used in wall hangings, the Hamsa hand features an eye in the middle, and is said to ward off the evil eye in the same way as the Nazar boncuğu amulet. It might look a little different to the jewellery you’re more used to wearing, but if it’s effective in bringing good luck your way, then it’s worth its weight in gold a hundred times over!

4. Tumi
Ok, enough with the jewellery – it’s time for an axe! No but really. The national symbol of Peru, a tumi is a ceremonial knife or axe originally used in sacrifices by the Incans. Today its meaning isn’t quite as scary, as it’s evolved into becoming a symbol of good luck, particularly where money is involved. Hang a tumi on your wall and it’s said to bring good fortune your way. Also you’d better leave it there, because as much as casinos understand superstition and good luck charms, we doubt they’d take too kindly to you bringing a weapon inside, even a ceremonial one. So keep your tumi at home and take its good luck with you wherever you go.


1. Dala horse
From Peru to Sweden and knives to horses, the Dala horse is a wooden figurine that’s a much-loved folklore symbol throughout the country. As the story goes, Swedish soldiers used to carve Dala horses and give them to children, whose mothers would then feed and house them for the night – a gesture all the more appreciated during the cold winter months. Over the years the Dala horse has come to represent a symbol of luck, good fortune, dignity, wisdom and strength – all of which could come in very handy at the casino tables!

2. Jin Chan, or three-legged toad
If you’re a believer in feng shui, this could be just the symbol you need – one that’s said to not only attract good fortune, but protect it as well. Also known as the money toad or frog, the Jin Chan is a three-legged (or two-legged with a tail) bullfrog with piercing red eyes and a coin in its mouth – and some say that placing it on top of lottery tickets could help you win the jackpot! Who are we to argue with Chinese mysticism? Bring us a money toad and let’s see if wealth soon hops its way towards us!

3. Maneki-Neko
You’re sure to know this one already – Maneki-Neko, the cat with the waving arm that’s said to bring luck into your life. In fact, ‘Maneki-Neko’ is Japanese for ‘gesturing cat’, which is why you can usually find this popular good luck symbol at the entrance to many businesses, welcoming in clients as well as luck. We wouldn’t advise taking one of these into the casino with you, but keeping one in your home could see luck being welcomed into all areas of your life, and that’s positive energy we can get behind!

Now that you know more about lucky charms round the world, it’s time for you to find out if they really do work. Take your pick of rabbit’s feet, four-leaf clovers, cat’s eye gems or more, and see what kind of good fortune 2022 has in store for you!

Good Luck and Happy Spinning 🙂


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