Gods of Oblivion online slot review

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 3/11/2024
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Let’s chat about Gods of Oblivion. What do ancient Egyptian pyramids and aliens have in common? Well, absolutely nothing (unless you’re watching the 1994 film Stargate). But in Pragmatic Play’s new slot, Gods of Oblivion. They come together in one perfectly thrilling winning concept!

Combining elements of the past with visions of the future. Gods of Oblivion sees aliens coming down to Earth in ships shaped like pyramids, ready to rule the world as gods. If there’s one thing we enjoy when playing online slots. It’s an original concept, and that’s exactly what Gods of Oblivion is all about!

Gods of Oblivion has a cool background!

With a background reminiscent of an alien invasion, albeit with the familiar surroundings of the Egyptian pyramids, Gods of Oblivion makes use of a large 7×7 reel game area. With a cluster pays engine. Look out for themed symbols on the reels, like gems, scarabs and a selection of Egyptian gods. And get ready for the 94.50% RTP to work its magic.

If the aliens are gods then prepare for them to rule all. Because that’s what they’ll be doing with a top jackpot of 5,000x up for grabs. Not to mention bonus features like multipliers, free spins and tumbling reels too. “Take me to your leader” might be the kind of line you’d hear in a TV series or movie about aliens. But in Gods of Oblivion, the only place you’ll want to go is straight to thrilling entertainment!

While aliens are conquering the planet, get ready to conquer the reels with your choice of bet size.

Start at the minimum of $0.20 per spin if you’re big on budgeting. Or increase your bet a little to boost your potential winnings if you strike it lucky. At $240 for a max bet, that’s $1,200,000 you could be looking at if you were to lay claim to the top prize! Remember not to get caught up in the moment though. Choose your bet size wisely, and make sure you’re always in it to win it.

How do you go about winning in Gods of Oblivion? By getting anywhere from 5 to 15 matching symbols in a cluster on the reels. That’s the kind of winning combo you’re looking for. The winning symbols remove themselves and the tumble mechanic comes into play. Releasing new symbols and hopefully creating new winning clusters at the same time.

Every time the winning symbols explode and disappear, they’ll activate the position in which they lie on the reels.

And if this happens twice within a single round, a multiplier will be triggered for you. This will be doubled with each consecutive winning combo you find in a single spin in Gods of Oblivion. All the way up to the max multiplier of 128x for an unbelievable winning boost!

Finally, look out for the scatters on the reels too. As finding anywhere from 3 to 7 of these will see you being rewarded with anywhere from 10 to 30 free spins. With multipliers staying sticky throughout the round as well.

UFOs and aliens might be triggering for some. But in Gods of Oblivion all they’ll trigger for you is a thrilling slots experience. Try it for yourself today and find out just how lucky you can be!

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