Gold Rush – A Thrilling and Addictive Game

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Gold Rush – A Thrilling and Addictive Game

The goal of the Gold Rush game is to help Jack the digger remove blocks of rubble by clicking on groups of three blocks of the same color together. The game happens inside a mineshaft which is gradually topped with rubble from the mine. When the blocks of rubble are removed hidden yellow metal is revealed, then click on a bunch of 3 gold pieces to finish a level. Each level has to be finished before time runs out. One can collect more than three pieces of the yellow metal but then extra caution needs to be taken.

Each time in the mineshaft, a yellow metal block appears, the block speed increases. Take care not to have the stacks of blocks top over the mineshaft. If it does, the game of Gold Rush is over.

There are special blocks and tools in the game of Gold Rush that lie scattered among the blocks. You can take the help of some handy tools that will assist you in removing the blocks. A pickaxe will remove all the blocks of the same color. A piece of dynamite will remove a five by five square of blocks. A shovel will clear away an entire row of blocks.

There also two special blocks that can appear between the regular blocks. One is a granite block. This nasty little gray block can be removed only with a piece of dynamite or a shovel. The second is a multiplier block. They look like regular colored blocks but have a multiplier value to them. They can be cleared from the playfield like the regular blocks, but they multiply your score with the amount specified on them. You can also joint them together. For example, removing a group with an ‘x3’ multiplier and an ‘x2’ multiplier will multiply the score by six for that group.

Basically you need to click on a bunch of three or more same color blocks to clear them. If you are out of blocks to click, then you can speed up the flow of blocks. This can be done by pressing the pipe on the screen’s left side. You can also press the spacebar or right click the mouse button. Five points can be earned for each row of three blocks that you clear. If more than three blocks are removed in one click you will earn bonus points for each additional block. Gold Rush is a highly addictive game that provides a lot of excitement.

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