Harry Reid supports the Restoration of America’s Wire Act

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We really should use our abilities to tell the future to play the lottery.

Senator Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada for the past 34 years, the same Harry Reid that tried to legalize online poker not even half a decade ago, has finally stopped his “maybe I do, maybe I don’t” stance and has flat out said it: he wants to pass the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.

We’re sure it has nothing to do with Sheldon Adelson being his friend, nothing to do with their private talks, and definitely nothing to do with Adelson agreeing to not financially back Reid’s opponent if Reid supports Adelson’s cause. Nope, not at all.

In an interview with NPR, Reid made his stance perfectly clear. “Well, we will see what the legislation does – we will see what the House does. But I think, for the state of Nevada, online gambling is not the direction we should go.”

Sheldon Adelson, self-confessed hater of technology, is terrified of online gambling. We know that much. He thinks that online gambling is the worst possible thing to happen in the history of the world, only because it hits him in the second worst place a man can be hit: his wallet.

Sheldon Adelson has spent roughly $8 billion, or 20% of his fortune, in the past year. If reports are to be believed the majority of that was on efforts to stop online gambling.

People flock to online sites for two reasons: convenience and promotions. There’s nothing better than playing a hand or two of poker at three in the morning without having to leave the house, and online gambling allows you to do just that. Even better, some sites will actually pay you to do so.

New players to sites are often enticed by these no deposit promotions. The site could give away free money, free spins, or other promotions. You’re literally rewarded just for going to the site, which is something that Sheldon Adelson would never even dream of doing.

Some sites offer welcome bonuses, which is when the site gives you a bonus just for laying some money down. If you lay down $50, the site may match it and allow you to start with $100. With promotions like that, it’s no wonder that Adelson is feeling the sting.

However, Adelson’s luck may be running out. Harry Reid has announced that he’s retiring at the end of his term, so his support may mean little to nothing. In the end, it all boils down to what the players do. Vote with your money – if you live in a state with legalized online gambling, sign up at one of the sites on our list for the game of your choice and enjoy the benefits of online gambling.

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