Have you tried these unusual casino games?

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If you’re a casino fan, chances are you’ve tried popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, video poker and slots at least once. But what about less common games like Casino War, Rodent Roulette, and even Belgian Birdsong? If these games are new to you, you’re in for a real treat! Take a look at some of the more unusual entertainment taking place at both land-based and online casinos, and see just how much more exhilarating your gaming experience could be!

Casino War
First up it’s Casino War – and if it sounds at all familiar to you, that’s probably because you played it as a child, along with thousands of other people around the world. Remember the game where you and a friend would each draw one card from a full deck to see whose was highest? Well, add some wagers into the mix and you have Casino War, possibly one of the simplest games ever to understand, and to play as well.

Played with six decks of cards, the premise of the game is simple. Make a wager, and after a card is dealt to both you and the dealer, see whose card is higher. If yours is higher, you win. If the dealer’s card is higher, you lose. If there is a tie, you can either choose to surrender, and lose half your bet, or you can choose to go to war (hence the name of the game). If you decide to go to war, you’ll need to raise your bet, after which the dealer will do the same, and will burn (discard) three cards from the pack, before dealing another single card to both you and themselves. If your second card is higher or equal to the dealer’s card, you’ll win even money on your raised bet. If the dealer’s second card is higher than yours, you’ll lose.

Feeling lucky? Then why not give Casino War a try? If you’ve got the guts to go to war over it, you could find yourself with all the winnings too, if the cards go your way!

Belgian Birdsong
Here we go. When have you ever seen a game involving actual live birds in a casino? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve probably never spent time in Belgium, where the game Belgian Birdsong is a hugely popular one in casinos around the country. The aim of the game is simple – from a selection of birds housed in individual cages throughout the casino, choose which one you think will sing first, and/or which one will sing the loudest. Place your bet, and then watch, wait and listen!

There’s no real strategy here as the game is based entirely on luck – which could account for its popularity. So if you find the idea intriguing, you know what to do – book a ticket to Belgium, find a casino to play in, and see if the early bird catches the jackpot!

The Chicken Challenge
Oh we’re not done with birds yet, not by a long shot. That’s because we still have the Chicken Challenge to get through! No, this does not involve you eating a lot of chicken – although you’re welcome to do that on your own time. Instead, it’s you against a chicken in a hotly contested game of Tic Tac Toe (or noughts and crosses) – and if you think you’ll win easily, then you are severely underestimating the skills of the chicken.

Meet Ginger – the famous chicken of the Atlantic City Tropicana Hotel and Casino, who’s famous for her Tic Tac Toe skills. Take her on in a game and you could win a hefty $10,000. Just face off against Ginger (who’s in a cage, don’t worry), make your move, then wait till she makes hers. Come out on top and you’ll take the $10,000 – but be warned, this is no ordinary chicken, and this is no ordinary game of Tic Tac Toe. Try your luck if you dare, but do you really want to say that you couldn’t even beat a chicken at their own game? It’s up to you!

Similar to Casino War, Catch-A- Wave also involves you betting on the single draw of a card – although this time you’ll be betting on whether a card will be higher or lower than the one that was just drawn, rather than simply betting against the dealer’s card. Win six bets in a row and you’ll be paid out 6:1, which could be worth it if your guessing skills are on point. More hits by the dealer means dealer wins; more hits by you means the player wins. So if you rate your guessing skills, this might be the game for you – catch a wave of winning bets and you’ll have a pretty decent payout coming your way!

Rodent Roulette
Tired of ordinary Roulette? Then how about a game of Rodent Roulette instead – a variation that combines cute fuzzy animals with the spin of a Roulette wheel in order to create a wholly new gambling experience.

How does it work? Well, instead of betting on the ball to land on a certain colour or number, you’re betting on a rodent to land on one instead. At the beginning of each game, a rodent (such as a mouse, rat or gerbil) is placed in a box on the Roulette wheel. The wheel is then spun, and the rodent will walk around the wheel, eventually choosing one of the many numbered holes on the wheel to sit in. If the rodent chooses your number or colour, you’ll be a winner!

Before you ask, it’s important to state outright that no animals are ever harmed during Rodent Roulette, so if you’re concerned for the animals’ welfare, you needn’t be. What you should be worried about is whether you can predict where the rodent will come to rest after each spin – because they’re cunning little characters!

See anything you like? Then it’s time to add some excitement to your casino play and try something different for a change! Bet on birds, chickens or rodents, go to war or catch a wave – the choice is yours. Just remember, as long as you have fun at the casino, you’re always a winner no matter what game you’re playing!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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