How secure are land-based casinos?

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You’ve seen Ocean’s Eleven right? George Clooney and friends get together to knock over three of the biggest casinos on the Vegas strip, taking home $150 million in the process. And while their cons are full of wigs and acrobatics and camera trickery, they make the massive heist look like child’s play.

Of course, we know it’s a movie with a lot of help from Hollywood, but is it really that easy to rob a casino? As it turns out, no – because thanks to a vast range of highly stringent security measures, it’s probably easier to break into Fort Knox than it is into a casino (not that we’re recommending you do either). Intrigued? Let’s take a look at just how casinos keep their money and their players safe.

Staying ahead of the pack

If you’re looking for some of the best security in the business, don’t go to a bank – go to a casino instead. That’s because casinos invest vast sums of money into their security systems, protecting all their millions with some of the most technologically advanced safety measures in the world.

In fact, the security methods employed by casinos are so high-tech, they’re used by banks and governments as well. So if actual countries are adopting the systems put in place by casinos, you can be sure they’re ahead of the curve in every way. And ironically, those who do try and rob casinos only succeed in making them improve their security even more. So it’s basically a huge waste of time all round.

On guard at all times

Sure it might sound like a no-brainer, but having security guards on site is a huge deterrent for petty thieves, and reminds all players that they’re being watched at all times. Often, just a simple look from an intimidating guard can make a would-be thief think twice about their actions, and put their illegal plans on hold permanently. With up to 25 different security codes for a variety of situations, as well as a range of tools to get the job done, security guards are an important and integral part of any reputable casino’s safety measures.

Putting protocols in place

You know how you have fire drills at work, and they’re really annoying because you’re JUST getting into something and then the infernal alarm goes off, and now you have to drop everything and participate in this ridiculous drill? Sure, they’re not fun and they’re boring as all hell, but emergency drills are a crucial part of workplace safety – and just as you have fire drills, casino staff have robbery drills for the same reason.

Imagine there’s a robber in your face, yelling demands and causing your stress levels to rise stratospherically. How would you act in this emergency situation? This is just one of the many scenarios that casino staff could be faced with, and so it’s important that they’re thoroughly trained in crisis management and that they know how to use modern technology in order to maintain calm and disrupt any illegal activities that could be taking place.

As such, staff are trained to recognize and report suspicious behaviour, to react promptly to any situation that may be escalating, and to respond quickly to any potential threats. It’s all about protocol, and the more skilled casino employees are in adopting the right protocols at the right time, the safer everyone will be as a result.

Big Brother is watching

Ok not really, but you don’t have to be an experienced casino player to know that every inch of the casino floor is monitored at all times by high-tech security cameras, making it almost impossible for any type of robbery to take place. While there are a number of cameras focused on the casino cashiers keeping track of their transactions and ensuring their safety, there are just as many surveying the various casino games too, as well as the parking areas, the entrances and exits, and any entertainment venues and hotel rooms too.

It’s this type of stringent surveillance technology and digital software that casinos are famous for, and it’s a standard security measure in gaming venues round the world. If suspicious activity is seen and recorded, it’s reported immediately and dealt with swiftly. The eye in the sky sees all, and don’t you forget it!

Tracking employees

Casinos do a lot to keep an eye on players, such as implementing facial recognition software, and license plate reading software, but what about monitoring employees too? There have been a number of instances where employees were in on a casino heist with one or more players, so it’s equally as important to track staff members as it is casino guests.

In order to keep tabs on employees, stringent background checks are conducted during the hiring process, and any employees who return unfavourable results, or who are known to associate with known criminals, are summarily rejected as being high risk. Similarly, all successful hires are required to be licensed and registered with the casino’s gaming regulator, which results in them being part of a centralized system that can be easily checked in the future if necessary. Finally, all gaming tables manned by croupiers are monitored via security camera, so that if any suspicious activity or player collusion takes place, it can be recognized and dealt with instantly.

Staying hack-free

As casinos become more digital, they also open themselves up to digital attacks by hackers – which is where encryption technology comes in. By making use of stringent 128-bit SSL encryption technology, casinos can protect themselves against network hacks and other forms of digital theft and fraud, while keeping their systems safe at all times.

In addition to the safety features already mentioned, casinos employ a number of other security measures as well, from silent alarms and vault security to marked chips, various forms of software, and armoured vehicles too. And while it might seem a little overboard, it’s all necessary to ensure your continued safety, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind while enjoying your favourite games. After all, isn’t that what casino gambling is all about?

Happy Spinning 🙂

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