Irish Online Betting Site SeanieMac to Launch in March

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Any business-minded Irishman is likely to recognize the name Sean McEniff, just as any Gaelic sports fan is likely to appreciate his father, GGA All-Star Brian McEniff. Sean runs the incredibly successful Compliance Systems Corp (DBA SeanieMac Limited), from its ripe beginnings as Brian McEniff Hotels (named after his dear old dad) more than 20 years ago. Being an industrialist at heart, Sean has decided to merge two historically harmonious markets with the launch of, Ireland’s first Irish-owned, full-service online gambling venue. has already been launched onto the world wide web, but is not scheduled to go live until sometime in March 2013, according to a 2013 strategy letter delivered to company shareholders. As co-founder and chairman of the board of directors, Sean McEniff was proud to announce the new online gambling site’s impending launch, and his high hopes for the future of the company. will deliver a full-scale internet gaming experience, including mobile connectivity for Android and iOS powered devices, offering an online sports book, poker room, casino, bingo, skill games and lotteries to the residents of Ireland and beyond. The letter did make sure to soothe the minds of shareholders, especially those located in the United States, that SeanieMac would not be open to American players since online gambling is still considered illegal in the US.

It is not clear as yet what platform the new Irish gaming site will operate on, but the missive did address the issue, stating that negotiations with a software provider have been finalized. “We have an efficient business model that uses a highly regarded online gambling software platform, so that all back office and customer service functions will be provided through a joint venture with an industry leader.”?

Sean eluded to the phenomenally successful ventures of melding hotels and casino gambling throughout history to support his new investment, though he also made it clear that “there is no affiliation between Brian McEniff Hotels and SeanieMac.”? He believes that his expertise in sales, marketing and public relations is what has driven the company to its current achievements, and that that same proficient knowledge will lead to the ultimate success of the new online gambling site in 2013.

The real question is, how will SeanieMac stand out among the massive throng of online gambling sites already serving most regions of the world, including his Irish homeland? This may be the first full serve gambling site based on Irish soil, but there are plenty of operators serving Ireland. What’s to say Irish punters should convert to for their online wagering?

McEniff believes one particular proviso of his business model will guarantee strong market share in the industry. will place a strong focus on the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). As McEniff puts it, the Gaelic Games are to Ireland what the National Football League (NFL) is to the United States.

Further supporting the future success of the venture is recent analytical data. The global online gambling industry is currently pulling in $32 billion in annual revenue. Experts anticipate an enormous growth of 52% in the next two years, bringing the total to $46.1 billion by the end of 2015. Ireland’s entire gambling industry brought in $18.7 billion in 2011. McEniff is certain that SeanieMac Limited, publically traded as COPI, will see exponential growth through its new venture as is set to target bettors in Ireland and the UK beginning next month.

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