Isildur1 Identity Confirmed as Viktor Blom

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While many have suspected the identity of the illusive Isildur1, an exceptional online poker player whose bankroll fluctuates by the millions, confirmation of his identity has caused great waves in the online poker community. At last, we know for certain, Isildur1 is, in fact, Viktor Blom.

Viktor revealed his identity at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, currently underway on Atlantis Paradise Islands in the Bahamas. Not too many were shocked to find out the truth behind the online identity, but as it turns out, Blom is rather shy around the cameras. The 20 year old is not a fan of being interviewed.

Up until this point, the Swedish poker pro had avoided answering any questions as to his association with the online username, Isildur1. When asked at the PCA tournament, he simply said that yes, he was Isildur1, and that he saw no good reason to speak with the media about it before.

It’s being speculated that his sudden admission of association to his alter-ego might have something to do with his recent sponsorship deal from PokerStars. It’s certainly likely enough that the terms of that agreement required him to reveal his identity.

Viktor Blom has been playing poker since the ripe young age of 14, but didn’t turn his attentions to the online poker scene until he turned 18. Isildur1 became well known among major European poker sites in the early days, and everyone who plays online poker has likely heard the story of how the young Swede turned $2,000 into $2,000,000 in a matter of just three weeks.

Blom has set a few records in his time, but the one he is most known for, probably more to his dismay than anything else, was being the first to lose a $1,000,000+ pot at an online poker room. He lost the hand to Full Tilt Pro Patrik Antonius, and it remains to this day the largest pot ever in the history of online poker. As a matter of fact, if you observe the top 10 largest pots ever recorded in online poker, they all involve Viktor Blom.

Viktor drew an immense level of attention to himself playing in such massive online poker hands. His nickname Isildur1 made multiple headlines when he lost a bankroll in excess of $4 million in a single day. It is sessions such as these that made so many onlookers curious as to the true identity of Isildur1 in the first place.

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