Jack Hammer 3 Diamond Affair online slot review

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 4/03/2024
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Get ready for online gambling with a difference. Slots noir is here! Ok, we just made that up, but it fits. Because the Jack Hammer slots series from NetEnt is film noir at its finest. The gritty detective, the dame with a past, the gruff police chief who’s seen it all. And the elusive fortune that ties the storyline together. Which in this case, is the huge slots jackpot you’ll be playing for!

If the name Jack Hammer sounds familiar, that could be for one of two reasons. Either you’re familiar with the fictional detective Mike Hammer, made famous by writer Mickey Spillane. Or you’ve played one of the slots in the series before. No surprises if you have. This comic book-style collection of slots is one of NetEnt’s finest.

A series of slots that follows the adventures of private eye Jack Hammer as he makes his way through the twists and turns of each mystery he’s been hired to unravel. Are you brave enough to follow him into the underworld and see where the adventure leads? Take a deep breath, because here we go!

The latest instalment in the series, Jack Hammer 3: Diamond Affair takes you deep into the heart of an unnamed city.

A dark metropolis lit by the occasional street light and apartment window. If it’s reminiscent of 1950s New York, that’s because it’s a favourite film noir setting. The ultimate Hollywood crime drama of the 1950s and 60s.

Your job – to infiltrate the 5×6 reel game area and search it for any sign of winning. Navigate the beautiful women, policemen, dogs and other symbols on the reels, and see what rewards lie in wait. Will the 96.08% RTP come to your aid and help you hit the 1,332x jackpot? Will the respins, free spins, wilds and sticky symbols help boost your winnings as you play? So many questions, and only one way to find the answers in Jack Hammer. By placing your bets!

To make your mark in the gritty city, you’ll need to get in the game with a bet of at least $0.20 per spin.

Or if you want to make a real splash, bet the max of $200 instead – just make sure your bankroll can take the heat first.

Once your bets are in, it’s time to explore the dark underbelly of the cityscape. With a scatter pays engine in play, you won’t need to collect matching symbols on a particular payline. Instead all you’ll need is anywhere from 8 to 30 matching symbols anywhere in the game area. Wilds will help you here, as they’ll substitute for other regular symbols. And with up to 100x for winning combos on the line, they could come in very handy.

As far as extra features go, you’ll be looking at sticky wins, triggered by a scatter pay win.

Get one of these under your belt and you’ll have respins to play for even more winning potential. Look out for the Jack Hammer symbol. As it’ll transform any low value symbols in a winning combo into high value ones, elevating your payout at the same time. And get 5 to 10 special symbols on the reels, and you’ll have up to 20 free spins to play for the ultimate slots noir thrill.

You don’t have to be Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon to be part of a film noir thriller. All you have to do is join Jack Hammer, and get ready for an undercover jackpot adventure!

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