Jackie Glazier Exits WSOP 2013 Main at 31st as Last Woman Standing

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This morning marked Day 6 of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event as just 68 players returned to the tables to continue the battle for this year’s supreme poker champion. Among them were six women, including the highly decorated Annette Obrestad, Estelle Denis, Kristy Gazes, Jackie Glazier, Beverly Lange and Kima Kimura. As the day would on, Jackie Glazier of Australia earned the title of 2013 WSOP ‘Last Woman Standing’.

Glazier had an amazing run at the bracelet this year, but eventually fell in 31st place, dropping out just 22 places shy of becoming the second woman to ever make the final table of a WSOP Main Event. That single honor goes to Barbara Enright, who finished 5th in the 1995 WSOP Championship to earn a tidy sum of $114,180. Glazier joined a field of just 298 woman in this year’s main event, with women making up 4.7% of the entire 6,352 who registered. Jackie was awarded a hefty prize of $229,281 for the 31st place finish; almost exactly twice that of Enright’s final table cash more than a decade ago.

As the day’s action got underway, the Australian poker pro was asked what it would mean to her if she were to become the 2013 WSOP’s ‘Last Woman Standing’: “I don’t focus on last woman standing myself,” Glazier modestly replied, “but I do get that there is a focus around it because there are so few women that play poker, but at the end of the day it would be great to see more than one female make the final table. I think we’re owed one from last year.”

In the 2012 WSOP Main Event, Gaelle Baumann and Elisabeth Hille both came extremely close to making the final nine. Baumann fell to the rails in 11th place, followed immediately by Hille in 10th. Glazier was considerably hopeful for a final table finish this year, but became short-stacked and backed into a corner when she was dealt a relatively strong stating hand of A-Q off-suit. Seeing this as her best opportunity to strike, she led out with a 3-bet push of 1.9 million chips over Sergio Castellucio, who opened with 200k. Castellucio made the call, revealing pocket 10’s. Glazier’s hopes were crushed as the board played out 9-9-9-5-K, giving her opponent the Full House that secured Jackie’s exit from the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

Her deep run into the most prestigious of all championship poker tournaments netted Glazier the second biggest cash of her career. The largest prize collected by the Australian poker pro came in the 2012 WSOP when she whittled her way into a 2nd place finish in Event #41, a NL Holdem event that earned her $458,996. The event’s winner, Greg “Maverick” Ostrander of the USA, walked away with $742,072. Glazier’s career live poker tournament earnings now total just over one million ($1,010,872), spanning seventeen cashes and two 1st place victories; one in the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event and another in Season 2 of the ANZPT Melbourne in 2010.

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