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The poker news headlines blew up two weeks ago with news of the sudden hospitalization of Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau. It was originally reported that the young poker player had been rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery due to a blood clot, and that doctors were forced to put him in an induced coma. It’s now been confirmed that Boudreau was suffering from a hemorrhage, bleeding on the brain, and the current prognosis is grim, likely resulting in brain damage.

It was originally uncertain what caused the 25 year old poker player’s brain hemorrhage. It occurred on June 15th at the World Series of Poker while on a dinner break. Word of Boudreau’s hospitalization was first shared by two of his close friends and fellow poker pros, Matthew Stout and Peter Jetten, who posted the tragic story and frequent updates, along with requests for prayers, on their respective Twitter accounts. It was later revealed that young Kevin was in ICU, in an induced coma, after suffering bleeding on his brain. He underwent emergency brain surgery, which led to a dangerous level of blood loss that required a blood transfusion.

Kevin’s doctors have now reported the cause of his brain hemorrhage to be a malady known as Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). According to a medical dictionary, AVM is defined as: “An abnormal tangle of arteries and veins in which the arteries feed directly into the veins without a normal intervening capillary bed,” calling the condition a “potentially fatal congenital intracranial anomaly”.

His doctors have stated that the brain surgery was effective in reducing some, but not all, of the swelling on Boudreau’s brain, but that he endured a minor stroke; the result of which is yet unknown. An MRI was performed on Sunday and the prognosis was not good. According to the results, it is likely that Kevin has suffered some degree of brain damage.

A fundraiser has been established on (see link below) in Boudreau’s name in hopes of raising enough money to help in the recovery process. The goal is to raise $50,000, much of which would be utilized to transport him from Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, to a hospital in Colorado, Boudreau’s home state and where his family currently resides. The funds would also be used to help pay some of his medical bills. The fundraiser website also says there will be, “Many more fundraisers happening throughout the summer including pancake breakfast, benefit dinner and poker tournament!”

The very latest update on Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau revealed that as of June 26, he has been moved from ICU to Intermediate Care, which is a very good sign in and of its self. However, he remains in a coma and is continuing to receive seizure medication and intravenous fluids. While his improvement status is steadily on the rise, and he has opened his eyes momentarily at least once, he is not yet responsive.

You can help out Boudreau and his family by making a donation here:

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