Mild Rockers

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 3/05/2018
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If this doesn’t rock your Monday, I do not know what will. Mild Rockers is a new Lightning Box powered slot with an obvious rock and roll vibe. Their coin ranges vary from only one penny all the way to 2.50 so it’s a lower variance slot however; it has all of the fun features a medium to high variance would have which keeps things interesting.

A singer is the slot’s wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols with the exception of the scatters…. That’s right, the scatters is plural meaning there are 2 of them! But we’ll get to that in a moment. The singer wild can in fact form its own winning combinations making it that much easier for you to win.

You have yourself the Lips scatter, of which there are 2: Scatter Bonus and the Scatter Encore. The Scatter Bonus Lips, when you land on 3 or more of them in a row, you are given 8 free spins. The Scatter Encore simply adds another Encore spin during the bonus round. However, you would have to actually land on one during the bonus round. And your Scatter Bonus is only available during the base game. Are you guys still with me?

One last thing…. When you’re in the middle of your Encore Spins, the Mild Rocker symbols will turn into Wild Rocker symbols for the entire duration. These wild rockers substitute for all other symbols except for the Encore Spins. Rock out with Mild Rocker!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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