Mobile Poker Apps for SmartPhone Users

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Mobile poker apps are the latest and greatest way to enjoy a traditional game of poker with real people. Since the introduction of mobile poker for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android powered devices, the technology has become incredibly advanced. The graphics are as crisp – all be it a smaller viewing window – as any online poker room beheld on a computer or laptop monitor, and the game play is much the same.

Online poker sites were all the rage in the late 1990’s all the way through the first decade of the 21st century, and that fact continues to hold true to this day. However, more and more people have begun conducting the majority of their online activities on a SmartPhone. As such, mobile poker games have become a lot more popular.

Considering the time it can take to play out a lengthy tournament, online poker rooms are still preferred for SNG and MTT events. Cash game players, however, have found that the convenience of playing their favorite poker games from just about anywhere in the world on a simple hand-held device is an ultimate luxury.

There are two ways to acquire a mobile poker application. Players can either visit an online poker room that supplies a mobile poker app via their computer or laptop, enter their information and cell number and have the app sent to their phone, or they can visit the mobile poker website on their SmartPhone’s browser and download the mobile poker app directly.

Any player who is already a member of the online poker site associated with the mobile poker download will simply have to login to their existing account. New members can sign up an account through the mobile poker application or by using a computer or laptop to sign up through the online poker site. Deposits can be made in the same manner; through the mobile poker app or through the online poker room.

Mobile poker applications used to be ostracized for their lack of versatility. Being the most popular poker game of all, Texas Hold’em was the sole focus of mobile poker application programmers. As time went on and the popularity of mobile poker grew, developers began extending the variety of cash games to include other prevalent poker games, like Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud games.

One negative to playing mobile poker games, however, is that users are generally required to pay for an extensive air-time package. The most avid poker players will need an unlimited package as the hours can easily fly by when playing internet-enabled poker games. Another alternative would be to connect to a free or home-based WiFi network, thus saving those precious internet air-time minutes. Either way, it is certainly something to consider before getting into the world of real money mobile poker games.

Below are a list of mobile-capable major poker sites:

  1. 888 Poker
  2. PokerStars
  3. bwin Poker
  4. PartyPoker
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