Money! You won $65,000.

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Money! What would you do if you won $65,000? Think about it. Would you pay off debts. Put money towards a house or a car, or just splurge on something you’ve always wanted? That’s just been too expensive to buy until now?

Well, if you’re the lucky King Billy Casino player who won $65,000 in a single day. You jet off to Tahiti! (We already checked, there’s no room in the overhead luggage compartment for us.)

What makes this win extra special though is that it wasn’t achieved on one game. But three games overall. Which makes him triply lucky. We know that good luck comes in threes. But this is taking the concept a little far!

Spin the reels to win money!

Even better, all the wins were on a variety of BGaming games. Which just goes to show that you can strike it lucky with a single provider. And all on the same day too.

So how was this mega money win achieved? Firstly through Plinko. One of the internet’s hottest arcade games. And an online spinoff of the famous game from ‘The Price is Right’. Lady Luck must have had a hand here. As the player was able to win an amazing $31,425 on it – his biggest win of the day.

The good luck didn’t stop there though. As the player went on to spin and win with the Wild Cash Slot, adding to his winning total money. Finally he spun the reels on the Aztec Magic Bonanza Slot. And magic it was. With even more winnings coming his way. With his gambling session over, the player was stunned to learn he’d won an amazing $65,000 in one day!

So what will those incredible winnings be used for? First off, a surfing trip to Tahiti, naturally. And we are fully behind this energy. After that, a trip to Canada. And using the remainder to pay off his car and some other debts. A little bit of fun and a little bit of financial responsibility too. Now that’s what we call a winning balance!

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