Monster. It’s all about the Multipliers.

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monster multipliers





  • Unique theme
  • Easy to play
  • Fun and engaging


  • Not for high rollers

Monster. You know it’s all about those multipliers.

We’re all about bonus features in online slots. They’re exciting. And they bring the promise of huge rewards too. What’s not to love? That’s why this week our top slots picks are games that highlight just how thrilling bonus features are. Take a look then try them for yourself. And see if your bankroll gets boosted as a result!

Play for scary big jackpots with Monster Multipliers

If you like cute monster movies like Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., then Monster Multipliers could be just the slot for you. Filled with monsters that are more cuddly than scary. The only thing frightening about Monster Multipliers is just how rewarding it could be!

New from Ash Gaming and Playtech. Featuring cartoon-style graphics. Monster Multipliers is an adorable fantasy slot. One filled with creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes (and number of eyes too). Making use of a 6×5 reel game area and a Pay Anywhere mechanic rather than specific paylines. Monster Multipliers needs 8 matching symbols to pay out. If you think you can handle that, you and Monster Multipliers will be onto a winner!

Let’s talk more about winning….

Speaking of winning, there’s plenty to be done with an RTP of 95.70%, free spins, cascading reels, and of course, the multipliers of the title themselves. Add to that a top payout of 10,000x your original bet and you could soon be in the money!

When it comes to money, Monster Multipliers is anyone’s game. With a wide betting range of $0.20 for a minimum bet. All the way through to $500 for a max bet. With such a vast selection of bets to choose from. You’re sure to find an amount that suits your account balance. Just be sure to only place bets you can afford, and you’ll be good to go.

Pay Anywhere is a good system

As we mentioned, the Pay Anywhere system in Monster Multipliers doesn’t work the same as traditional paylines. Here all you need are at least 8 matching symbols anywhere on the reels to form a winning combo. The more matching symbols you find, the more you could get paid out. So keep a sharp eye out for when those winning combos form. Even better, once they do, the cascading reels mechanism will come into effect. Removing the winning symbols and replacing them with new symbols cascading down from above. Keep finding winning combos and the cascades will continue – and the rewards will too!

Don’t forget about the bonus symbols. Blue and gold swirls that could pay off for you. Get at least 4 on the reels and you’ll win an instant prize. As well as 10 free spins too. What’s more, get another 3 bonus symbols on the reels during your free spins round and you’ll win an extra 5 free spins for yourself. Look out for the monster multipliers during your free spins round because they could bring monster wins anywhere from 2x to 100x when they appear. At the end of the bonus round, all the multipliers will be added up and applied to your bonus round winnings. Which could mean a MONSTER payday for you!

Monster multipliers isn’t just about boosting winnings. It’s about boosting excitement too. So log on and see how much more thrilling your game play and your rewards could be!

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