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Still looking for just the right kind of lucky charm to give your gaming a boost? We’ve already taken you through a number of totems and talismans, but we’re not done yet – read on for even more ways you could potentially bring luck into your life.

1. The Laughing Buddha
While known colloquially as the ‘Laughing Buddha’, this chubby chap is in fact a happy Chinese monk, and can be found striking a number of different poses. Most commonly pictured sitting or lying down, he can also be depicted holding gold nuggets, a bag of gold or a bag of coins – so if you’re looking for the kind of luck that brings good fortune your way, you’ve found it! What’s more, with his perpetual good mood and infectious smile, he’ll bring a lot of happiness into your life too, so win or lose, your smile could be just as big as Buddha’s!

2. Horseshoe
Have you ever wondered exactly why a horseshoe is said to bring good luck? It seems a fairly arbitrary symbol – what’s the connection?

In fact, the legend of horseshoes representing good luck goes all the way back to Christian legends of old, when St Dunstan (who would later go on to be the Archbishop of Canterbury) nailed a horseshoe to the foot of the Devil, instead of the Devil’s horse. In order to have the shoe removed, the Devil had to promise never to enter a home with a horseshoe above the door – and so the symbol of luck was born!

It’s important to remember that if you do choose a horseshoe as your lucky charm, you’ll need to keep it in a ‘U’ position, or it’s said that all the luck will fall out otherwise. Whether you choose to nail it above a door, carry one around or wear one on a necklace, bracelet or brooch is up to you – what remains to be seen is whether or not your fortunes will change as a result.

3. Lucky penny
It’s such a common belief that finding a penny is good luck, that there’s even a rhyme to go with it – ‘See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!’ This belief might go back to the days where metals were rare, and so finding them on the street in the form of a penny was like finding an actual gift. There’s debate as to whether the penny is lucky in general, or whether it needs to be found heads up to be a good luck symbol, but no matter how it’s lying, it’s still free money – so that’s good luck in our book!

4. Figa charm
A hand signal with the thumb held between the index and middle finger, the Figa charm (or Mano Figa) is often a symbol used as an insult – however it can be used to ward off evil as well. With its origins going back to the 6th century BCE, the gesture is an ancient one, but nevertheless one still used to this day. Maybe don’t use it in the casino though, just in case someone misunderstands the meaning behind it – that might not be the kind of luck you’re looking for!

Christmas is a season full of magic and mystery, so who knows whether one or more of these charms could work for you? Try them out and see if your luck changes – we’ll be holding thumbs for you either way!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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