More of the biggest gambles ever taken

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We’ve already taken a look at some of the biggest and riskiest bets ever placed – the kind where even the spectators’ hearts are in their mouths as they look on, transfixed as to how events will play out. That’s why we thought we’d bring you a little more of the same – more big gambles, more big bets, and more big excitement for you to join in on!

1. The Hermits – $16.46 million
It should come as no surprise to you that horse racing has been responsible for some of the biggest bets ever placed – and that’s certainly true for the bets placed by the Hermits. This group of five pro gamblers was known for placing some of the riskiest bets the sport had ever seen – but even so, it still came as a shock when they placed their biggest bet on their own horse, Hackler Pride, to win at Cambridgeshire in 1903. Unbelievably their faith in their horse paid off, and the group made off with £250,000 in winnings. Which may not sound like much, but when you adjust it for inflation almost 120 years later, that equates to an astonishing $16.46 million! Not bad for a single bet!

2. Blackout Betting Syndicate – $139 million
Did you know – if the lights go out at football matches, the game is abandoned and the score is tied? That’s a little piece of trivia a football betting syndicate managed to (illegally) use to their advantage back in the 1990s. By remotely controlling the floodlights at football matches, an Asian sports betting syndicate was able to plunge stadiums into darkness, forcing the teams to abandon the match and post a tied score. After disrupting two games in this way and making off with $139 million in today’s currency, the syndicate was eventually convicted for their illegal practices. We don’t condone the methods, but we do marvel at the ingenuity. Who thinks of these things?

3. Football Fan – His Own House
We’ve seen some strange novelty bets in our day, but nothing beats the Tottenham Hotspur football fan who bet his house on his team winning. Why??? Apparently, to impress his new girlfriend. We don’t know about you, but we can think of far less risky ways of impressing someone. Be that as it may, this fan thought that using his house as collateral was a fantastic idea, especially as he made his bizarre bet while his team was up 3-0. Unfortunately, Lady Luck doesn’t seem to have a sense of humour, as Spurs eventually lost the match against Man United 3-5, and the Spurs fan lost his home as a result. We’re pretty sure he lost his girlfriend just as quickly after that as well. It just goes to show, no matter how confident you are of an outcome, never bet the house.

4. Captain Matthew Webb – $10,000
Finally, we have to pay homage to a man who defied death in order to place one of the riskiest bets ever. Introducing Captain Mathew Webb, a man who bet the dizzying sum of $10,000 in 1875 that he would be able to swim across the treacherous whirlpool underneath Niagara Falls. Sadly Webb’s faith in his abilities was let down by poor conditions and strong winds, and he was unable to complete the swim, much to the chagrin of his bank balance. Although don’t feel too bad for him, as he later became the first person to swim the English Channel without the help of any artificial aids. A brave man, and clearly a rich one too. Captain Webb, we salute you!

We also salute making bets that you can afford, and gambling responsibly – so as tempting as some of these bets might seem, don’t be lured into blowing through your bankroll in a similar effort to get rich quick. Remember – never play with more than you can afford to spend, and make sure to always have fun. That’s the real win!

Happy Spinning 🙂


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