More of the world’s most expensive desserts!

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You loved our look at the world’s most expensive desserts so much, we just had to come back to them for a second time. With so many drool-worthy treats still to lust over, can you really blame us?

1. The Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae – $3,333

Remember the Absurdity Sundae? The $60,000 creation that took you to the roof of Africa for a bowl of ice cream? Well if that’s too absurd and too much on the extravagant side for you, how about a regular Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae instead, this time for (just) $3,333!

From Neil Gottlieb, Three Twins founder and the creative mind behind the Absurdity Sundae comes this more reasonably priced version – a banana split served with Three Twins ice cream and lashings of syrup crafted from three rare dessert wines. You’ll also have the option of being serenaded by a cellist while you indulge in your ice cream treat (because that’s normal) and you’ll have an 1850s antique spoon to help you enjoy every last luscious bite. What could be better? Well, there’s the fact that a full one third of the sundae price will go towards a land trust fund, so you’ll be helping the earth while you’re satisfying your taste buds. And that’s worth every cent.

2. The Krispy Kreme Luxe Doughnut – $1,685

Glazed, jam, chocolate, sprinkles – who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Plus, with these sugary rings of awesomeness usually only going for a few bucks, you can smash a whole box without breaking the bank (#nojudgement). That is, unless you’re tucking into a Krispy Kreme Luxe Doughnut – because at a whopping $1,685, you might want to think twice before ordering a dozen to go.

Why such a huge price tag for dough and powdered sugar? Firstly because that’s not all that goes into one of these mouthwatering creations. And secondly because the Krispy Kreme Luxe was designed in 2014 specifically to raise funds for The Children’s Trust – so every cent earned was donated to a hugely worthy cause.

Ok ok, but what was actually IN the doughnut? Well, firstly a filled centre of Dom Perignon jelly, and a luxurious outer embellished with a white chocolate lotus. Add on 24-gold leaf, stud it with edible diamonds, and serve with a cocktail of Dom Perignon 2002 and Courvoisier Cognac, and voila – you have yourself a $1,685 doughnut! Unfortunately the Krispy Kreme Luxe Doughnut was a once-off fundraiser for The Children’s Trust and so you won’t be able to experience its deliciousness for yourself today. But if you want to go out and buy $1,685 worth of doughnuts for yourself to make up for it, we won’t be stopping you!

3. Sultan’s Golden Cake – $1,000

A cake for $1,000? Sure, why not. Of course, this is no ordinary cake – instead it’s a creation all the way from Istanbul in Turkey, one that takes an incredible 72 hours to make. If you’re a fan of fruit cake, best you start getting those dollars together, because with its gorgeous rum-soaked figs, apricots, pears and quince, it’s a taste of heaven in every bite. And you’ll have a topping of vanilla, caramel, black truffles and 24-karat gold leaf to sink your teeth into as well, for the perfect coffee time or dessert time treat. Even the presentation is on point – a silver box adorned with a golden stamp. Now that’s exactly what a thousand-dollar cake should look like!

4. Decadence D’Or Cupcake – $750

If you thought $1,000 for a cake was over the top, then this is going to blow your mind – $750 for a cupcake! Meet the Decadence D’Or Cupcake, a sublime creation all the way from The Palazzo in Las Vegas, and the ultimate in cupcake extravagance. No basic buttercream and sprinkles here – instead it’s created from a rare cocoa bean found in only a single specific Venezuelan plantation, then topped with Tahitian gold vanilla caviar and edible gold frosting, as well as a taste of 100-year-old Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac! So, definitely not your average cupcake then. If you’ve got a taste for the opulent and the bank balance to match, then this is your chance to splurge. Take a trip to Vegas (as soon as it’s safe to do so) and try a Decadence D’Or Cupcake for yourself. And maybe a second or a third after that… extra yumminess from a completely EXTRA cupcake!

5. Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans – $500

Ok so yes, this is more of a candy than a dessert item, but when we find actual jelly beans for FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, you can bet we’re putting them on the list! The reason for the insane price (compared to regular jelly beans)? Well, firstly there’s the beans themselves, and their innovative flavours. Created by David Klein, the Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans push the boundaries of flavour with unusual pomegranate, root beer, wasabi, and Himalayan sea salt varieties, among others. But that’s not what makes them so pricy though – instead it’s the fact that they’re covered in gold leaf, and stored in a gorgeous crystal jar. So yes, you’re essentially paying for the packaging, but what fabulous packaging it is! And of course, if you’re shelling out $500 for jelly beans, you’re not sharing a single one of them – instead you’re keeping your treasure trove to yourself and enjoying every last one. You deserve it!

6. To’ak Chocolate – $500

Actually if you’ve got a spare $500 lying around (haha sure) and you’re not that into jelly beans, why not splurge on some choccie instead – specifically To’ak Chocolate from South America. Crafted from the continent’s famously rare Nacional cocoa bean, just one bar of To’ak goes for an unbelievable $500, with its limited edition whisky-inspired series surpassing even that incredible amount. But hey, if you’ve got the money and you’re serious about your chocolate, why not? Just remember to keep an eye on your waistline though – it’s chocolate that you want to be spending your money on, not bigger pants.

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