More of the world’s most expensive gin

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We’re back with more exclusive gin extravagance! Mainly because it’s the end of the year, and we could all do with a big drink right now. You’ll need to have deep pockets for one of these bottles though, because they’re not just any old gin brand – they’re some of the world’s most expensive. So get yourself a casino jackpot, pour yourself a tot or two of the good stuff and let’s toast to the end of 2021! Finally…


  1. Chase Elegant 48 Gin Jeroboam

If you’re someone who’s up on their bottle sizes, then you’ll know instantly that a Jeroboam is no ordinary bottle – instead, it’s one that holds an amazing three litres, equal to four regular 750ml bottles. Which is perfect, as the Chase Elegant 48 Gin is no ordinary spirit either – instead, it’s one that’s crafted from apples from the distillery’s 300-year-old orchard, and infused with wild botanicals for a gorgeous freshness and aroma, with a hint of spice. And because more is always better when it comes to spirits, its limited edition release is bottled in Jereboams, at quadruple the usual size. Worth every penny of the £350 price tag, if you ask us. Just get us some glasses and start pouring!   


  1. Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin, Spain

From England to the coast of Spain, and the sublime Mediterranean lifestyle we’d all love to lead. It’s Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin from Spain, and it’s literally inspired by the flavours and aromas that make this part of the world so beloved. With a unique blend of basil, thyme, rosemary and olive, and a zing of mandarin, Gin Mare is the Mediterranean, in all its relaxed, delicious, sun-kissed glory. So whether you’re having a taste of Gin Mare in sunshine or rain, it’ll always bring the warmth of Spain home to you. For £145 a bottle, that is. 


  1. Ferdinand’s Quince Reserve Gin

A cross between an apple and a pear, the quince is a fruit that shines in its cooked form, lending its unique deliciousness to preserves such as jams, marmalades and compotes. So much for food – what about drink? At least that’s the question that Ferdinand’s of Germany asked, and for that we have to thank them, as the answer is their unique Quince Reserve Gin. Bringing through the same flavours of marmalade along with orange, quince, dried apricot and honey, Ferdinand’s Quince Reserve Gin is a singular blend of delicious citrus flavours that pairs delightfully with dessert and sweeter dishes. We don’t need the dessert – just leave the bottle with us and we’ll take care of the rest… if you take care of the £135 price tag first! 


  1. Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin

Random question, but what do gin and jewellery have in common? If you’re a gin expert, you’ll already know the answer – Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin. The result of a unique collaboration between Snowdonia Distillery and Welsh jewellery brand Clogau, Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin is rare and unapologetically Welsh itself. Created from no less than six hand-foraged indigenous Welsh botanicals and water filtered through actual gold near the Clogau mine itself, Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin is the taste of Wales you never knew you wanted. All-natural botanicals, sparkling gold and a delicious fruity flavour, all yours for a mere £130? That’s a sip worth taking.  


  1. Sakurao 

Japan is perhaps better known for its whisky than its gin, but that hasn’t stopped the creative minds at Sakurao Distillery from trying their hand at this popular spirit. Waiting for whisky to age takes time – and since that’s a commodity that Sakurao Distillery has had plenty of since opening their doors in Hiroshima in 2018, they’ve made the most of it by creating an exclusive gin in the meantime. We probably would have sat around watching Netflix, but that’s just us. It seems it was time well spent for Sakurao though, as their limited edition gin release boasts 17 exotic botanicals from the surrounding area, such as wasabi, oyster shells and Japanese juniper. If that’s the kind of care they put into their gin, we can’t wait to taste their whisky when it’s finally ready! For now, their gin will have to do though, priced competitively at £95 a bottle.


Ferdinand’s Saar Goldcap Dry Gin 

Another shining example of German gin perfection, Ferdinand’s Saar Goldcap Dry Gin is an exclusive spirit produced only once a year, making it highly rare and sought-after. An unusual partnership between distillery and winery, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is a product of Saarland, a region in the west of Germany. What makes this gin so notable? Firstly, its vast number of botanicals – 30, to be exact. And then there’s the fact that not only is it created with dried Riesling grapes, it’s infused with Riesling wine from the 275-year-old Zilliken Winery as well – one of Germany’s finest estates. No wonder it sells for £94 a bottle. Gin, wine, and everything fine – what’s not to love? 


Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut, Belgium

Belgium has given us waffles and Tintin, and now it’s back with something just as exciting – Spring Gin Gentlemen’s Cut! Distilled three times with grain and the fourth time with 13 botanicals, Spring Gin Gentlemen’s Cut is a delicious infusion of juniper, black pepper, cardamom and other delectable notes, making it the ideal addition to a cocktail or mixed drink, or even neat if you’re up for it. At £80 a bottle, it’s a cut above the rest, and one that’s certainly worth sampling. 


We don’t know about you, but we’re starting to get a little thirsty here – which means it’s time to try and buy! Here’s where your casino jackpot comes in handy, giving you the funds you need to splash out on one of these extravagant brands. And if you don’t have one yet, now’s your chance to stake your claim! Simply log onto your online casino, play your favourite games and see what fortunes Lady Luck has in store for you. You could soon be toasting her with an extravagant gin cocktail. Cheers!

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