More of the world’s most expensive shoes!

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Looking for more ways to strut your stuff in the world’s most extravagant footwear? Walk this way!

Stuart Weitzman ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Shoe – $1 million
She’s one of the silver screen’s most iconic stars – so it makes perfect sense she would have a pair of shoes created in her honour. She’s Marilyn Monroe of course, and the inspiration behind luxury footwear designer Stuart Weitzman’s glittering ‘Marilyn Monroe’ heels. Crafted from crystals that the icon herself is said have worn as earrings, the champagne-coloured heels are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. Small wonder then that they fetched a price of $1 million when they were offered up for auction at the Celebrity Rags 4 Charity Riches auction – but not before being worn to the 2005 Oscars by Academy Award nominee (and now winner) Regina King. From a legendary screen queen to a King – what a path the Marilyn Monroe heels have walked!

Nizam Sikandar Jah’s Shoes – $160,000
What kind of shoes are worthy of an esteemed ruler? If you’re Sikandar Jah, the 18th century Nizam (monarch) of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state in southern India, you wear intricate, lavishly detailed footwear – more like a work of art than actual shoes. Valued at $160,000, these precious artefacts are embroidered with gold thread and liberally studded with a lavish range of sparkling gemstones – everything from diamonds and emeralds to rubies and more. Although the shoes were unfortunately stolen from their home in a Toronto museum, they were eventually recovered, albeit with some damage. Even so, we still wouldn’t mind trying them on and seeing what it feels like to walk a mile (or even a few steps) in royalty’s shoes. We’d definitely put them back afterwards though!

Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 12s – $104,765
From one ruler to another – although this time not the ruler of a country, the ruler of a court. A basketball court, that is. Yes, it’s Michael Jordan and the pair of Air Jordan 12s he wore during the infamous ‘Flu Game’ – a game he played for the Chicago Bulls despite feeling sick. Proving yet again that he can do more while sick than the rest of us can while in perfect health, Jordan scored an amazing 38 points during the game, ultimately helping the Bulls to a championship NBA victory in the 1997 NBA season. Featuring Jordan’s own signature, the Air Jordan 12s were later auctioned off in 2013 for over $104,000, finally putting the concept of man flu to bed forever. (Haha, we wish.)

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes – $38,000
If Stuart Weitzman is known for his stunning women’s heels, then Testoni is known for its ultra-sophisticated men’s dress shoes – the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and skill. Famed for its footwear since the 1920s, the Testoni brand has in that time come to represent style, excellence and forward thinking – all qualities that these dress shoes possess. Meticulously designed from the finest alligator leather with super durable and water-resistant qualities, and made using the ground-breaking Norvegese technique, these Testoni dress shoes are worth every cent of their $38,000 price tag – and deserve an equally luxurious tailored suit to match.

Whether you prefer your footwear functional or fabulous, there’s no denying that these shoes are most definitely made for walking. Just grab your casino jackpot and you could soon be slipping your feet into something a lot more comfortable!

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