New Slots Hero Promotion at Royal Vegas Online Casino

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 1/28/2011
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As online casinos continue to look for new, innovative ways to promote their products, Royal Vegas has come up with an interesting new promotion. The most unique aspect is that anyone can participate; old members, new members, even non-members of the online casino.

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Deemed the Slots Hero Promo, Royal Vegas is getting the word out on this new campaign via its online casino blog. The Slots Hero promo is not like your standard online slots tournament, but does use a leaderboard to award the top players with prizes.

Instead of playing as many games as you can, your job is to get the highest possible score in a single 3-Level game. When you’re happy with your score, you can submit it, but only one submission is allowed per player, so don’t be too hasty!

Slots Hero is a rather unique online slot machine as it has only four reels. You want to get as many 7’s as you can on the first reel, Cherries on the second reel, Bells on the third and BARs on the fourth. To make that happen, you have to hit the key that corresponds with each reel at the right moment, as the symbol drops. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Slots Hero is a parody of the uber-popular Guitar Hero video game.

What can you win for being the master Slots Hero? That all depends on how good you are at the online slots game. Royal Vegas has set up three prizes; the Free Money prize, the Deposit Match prize and the Free Deposit Money prize.

Free Money can be collected by any participant just by registering a new player account (or already having one) at Royal Vegas. The Deposit Match awards a certain percentage of free money up to a maximum amount when making a deposit with Royal Vegas. The Free Deposit Money is a preset amount of free bonus cash awarded to a player when making any minimum qualifying deposit.

To determine the value of each prize, you have to play Slots Hero at the online casino. You can access the game directly on the website (or from the blog) without any download required. When you finish all three levels of the game, you’ll be shown your prize potential for all three awards. If you’re satisfied with your score, press the submit button. But before you play, be sure to check out the leaderboard to see just how hard you need to jam to win.

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