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You already know Novibet as one of the top gaming technology brands in Europe. Now it’s spreading its reach even further by making the move to Latin and North America via Mexico! While Novibet will still continue to invest in, upgrade and refine its gambling experience for its European clients.

This new move represents a step forward for the brand and its global audience. This is a huge deal for the gambling world. Novibet is taking strides in the right direction when you hear news like this. When a casino expands into a new market, they also expand their client base. They reach new players on an international level. It also means the casino is doing incredibly well.

Mexico welcomes a new beginning.

Novibet’s Chief Marketing Officer for International Markets, Christoforos Bozatzidis. Explains: “The upgraded online sports betting and iGaming entertainment experience we offer through our innovative technology platform is already available in Mexico. And our team is ready to meet the special preferences and entertainment needs of the demanding local audience.”

Having timed the expansion to coincide with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Novibet is now giving even more sports fans the chance to bet on the tournament – and for those who prefer casino gambling, there are plenty of video slots, table games and card games to enjoy as well.

The timing is impeccable.

This expansion is a good move for the company. This expansion can certainly tilt the scales on not only the profits but the player satisfaction. When they’re able to reach more players from around the world, the greater the feedback. More people will be able to review the brand and have their two cents. All around, this is a huge win for the company.

Congratulations to Novibet, and happy gaming to all its players!

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