Online casino tournament formats

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We’ve already filled you in on how to join online casino tournaments, and what types of tournaments you might find available at your online casino. Now let’s chat about the various formats that casino tournaments take, and which would be the best for you to choose. Spoiler alert: they’re all ELECTRIFYING!

1. Freerolls. Did we see the word ‘free’ in the title, and does it mean what we think it means? Oh yes it does – because Freerolls are absolutely free! At least, in the sense that there’s no entry fee required in order to join – you’ll still have to place your bets in order to actually play in the tournament, and meet the prize pool requirements.

One of the most common forms of tournaments, Freerolls are some of the most popular as well, attracting scores of players thanks to their simplicity and their generous prize opportunities too. Sign up for a Freeroll and it’s most likely Poker or slots you’ll be playing, usually against a wide number of competitors. Keep your wits about you and you could win a cash prize, a casino bonus, or any other number of incentives up for grabs. Freerolls are fun, they’re easy, and best of all, there’s no upfront investment needed either. Just sign up, play, and you could soon be the one rolling in it!

2. Standard tournaments. Also known as regular tournaments, standard tournaments are exactly what they sound like – tournaments run the traditional way, that require you to pay an entry fee in order to play. Often these types of tournaments will make use of a leaderboard, taking place over a number of days, weeks, or even months, until an eventual winner is found. Usually standard tournaments will make use of one or more selected titles when it comes to game play, so just pay to enter, and you’re in. Although there’s one thing that’s not standard about these types of tournaments though, and that’s how much fun you’ll have while you’re taking part!

3. Guaranteed tournaments. Quite often a tournament’s prize pool will depend on the number of players who ultimately sign up. Not so with a guaranteed tournament, because here you’re assured of a certain prize or cash amount regardless of how many players decide to join. Of course, you’ll want to cross your fingers that only a few players enter the tournament, as the smaller the number of competitors, the bigger your chance of winning the prize. We can’t guarantee that you will win however, but we can guarantee you’ll have an exhilarating time trying!

4. Sit and Go tournaments. There are regularly scheduled tournaments that start on a specific date at a specific time, and then there are Sit and Go tournaments that start as soon as the required number of players have entered. Literally as soon as everyone sits, then you go. These types of tournaments are usually pop-up events, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled – and you’ll need to be quick off the mark too, as the waiting time to join is usually very brief. On your marks, get set, sit and go!

In addition to these tournament formats, you’ll also find various others as well, such as ticket-based tournaments, high roller tournaments and more, all of which are equally thrilling, and offer equally exciting winning opportunities. Make sure you’re not left out – join a tournament the next time you have the chance, and see for yourself just how action-packed competitive casino play can be!

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