Online Gambling is Legalized in… Switzerland!

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Ahhh the neutral Switzerland has finally decided to take a turn towards modernizing their economy. Until 1993, all gambling was strictly forbidden in Switzerland and has been the case since 1921. The 93’ legislation passed by Switzerland’s government allowed for limited-stakes casino gambling. In April 2000, unlimited stakes casino gambling was made legal for the first time in nearly 80 years!

So, now that online gambling is finally legal in Switzerland, they are hoping this additional revenue boosts their economy, which is a very likely outcome. However, many youth and non-government entities are harshly protesting this new law. Despite protestors, we have a feeling it will be here to stay…. At least for a while.

While this new law is beneficial to people, operators, land-based and online as well as the local economy, it does have some pretty intricate rules to adhere by. For instance, online operators must setup a system that blocks locals from accessing any foreign gambling sites. This could be tricky but is definitely something that can be arranged. This also means that, international gambling operators cannot go at the Swiss market alone. They must partner with a local gambling operator which isn’t necessarily a horrible thing however, it could pose some serious internal tension as well as some red tape to follow.

Sooo, what do you think? Exciting news for the casino industry? 🙂

Happy Spinning!

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