Party Poker Introduces New Double Hold’em Game

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For the last few weeks, members of the leading online poker site Party Poker have had access to a brand new card game called Double Hold’em. The game was in beta testing mode, so to speak, available only for practice play, but was just recently introduced to the online poker room’s real money poker tables.

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Double Hold’em was conceived in 2006 by Zvi Lando and E. Mark Gross of TableBrain, but it’s taken this long to fine tune the poker variant’s rules into a workable, and appreciable, form of online poker.

The new game closely mirrors its parent variation, Texas Hold’em, but delivers a third hole card to each player at the start of the hand. But there’s a catch – there’s always a catch!

After the flop comes down and the first three community cards are seen by all players, each competitor is required to select one of their three hole cards as a ‘Point’ card. The point card must be used at the showdown to complete your final 5-card poker hand. The point card can be used in conjunction with either of your two remaining hole cards, but not both.

Choosing your point card may not be as easy as it seems, especially with hands like Ah-Ac-6c. Obviously an Ace should be chosen, but which one? In this particular case, the Ace of Club would be the smart choice since it is the same suit as the 6, and choosing the Ace of Hearts would decrease the chance of a Flush.

If a player cannot decide upon a point card within the allotted amount of time, the Party Poker software will make the decision for them, taking into account highest card, as well as highest suit. In this case, the Ace of Hearts would be chosen as the Heart suit ranks higher than the Club. Suit ranks run alphabetically lowest to highest – Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade.

All other elements of Double Hold’em align precisely with the rules of Texas Hold’em, from the opening blind bets right down to the hand ranks at the showdown.

Party Poker is hoping that by introducing this latest twist on a decades-old poker game, they will be able to attract a substantial field of new players to the online poker room. Its official debut as a real money online poker game is expected to draw in the curious at the very least.

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