Poker Pro David Saab Caught In $4 Million Cocaine Bust

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David ‘Zanderfish’ Saab, Robert ‘remo_04’ Alan Remeeus and Darren Francis Hughes are members of an internationally known group of gamblers known as the ‘Saab Squad’. While they are traditionally famed as elite blackjack players, poker players, casino hustlers and sports handicappers, a new light has shone down on their names in Australia this week.

The Australian Federal Police have apparently been conducting an ongoing investigation into international drug trafficking, cocaine to be specific. The three men were arrested, in possession of 22 kilograms of high-grade cocaine, valued at more than $4 million AUD.

According to reports, the cocaine had been hidden within machinery parts, shipped in all the way from Vancouver, Canada. The narcotics task force hesitated long enough for the suspects to gather their packages into their possession before moving in on the group.

The Melbourne Chief Magistrate officially charged David Saab (37), Robert Alan Remeeus (27) and Darren Francis (27) with trafficking of cocaine. At this point, the men have remained silent, choosing not to speak to the media or during the court proceedings.

All three men are known for their high-roller gambling ways, frequently appearing at high profile casino poker tournaments throughout the world.  David Saab, known to the online gambling world as ‘ZanderFish’, is recognized or his professional blackjack and poker prowess, as well as his casino hustling. He gained even more notoriety when he finished deep in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, collecting just over $135k for a 46th place finish.

Saab’s online poker abilities are well known among internet gambling communities as well. His online poker tournament endeavors earned him over $50k this past January alone.

Speculations are flying left and right as to how deeply these men are involved in illegal activities. Rumor has it they are associated with organized crime in Australia, and those ties may run all the way to the Columbian FARC rebels (aka Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia); believed to have linked up during their worldly travels to participate in underground high stakes casino tournaments.

They say ‘once a gambler, always a gambler’, but any good professional knows there are some gambles you just don’t take, and this is one that could cost these young men everything. Being caught red-handed isn’t going to help their situation, either. If convicted of the crimes before them, all three could face a maximum security prison sentence of up to 25 years.

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