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Poker skills. Show them off Microstakes ChampionChip Games. Who doesn’t love a Poker tournament, right? They’re challenging, they’re entertaining, and they can offer huge prize pots too. So if tournaments are your game, you’ll want to make your play for the brand-new ChampionChip Games, hosted by 888poker. And, who doesn’t love showing off their poker skills on a good old fashioned poker tournament. Especially when some good jackpot money is up for grabs.

So when does this tournament run?

Running from 28 August to 6 September. The series has been designed specially for casual Poker players. Rather than seasoned pros. So if you enjoy your regular weekly Poker night, this could be just the tournament for you.

Rather than commanding big expensive buy-ins. The ChampionChip Games are all about low buy-ins instead. You can show off your poker skills in a very low key way. It certainly takes a lot of the pressure off. Making them hugely appealing to those who might not have played in a tournament before. Or those whose bankrolls don’t run to regular tournaments. Now, tournaments are hugely different than playing one-on-one. So, if you’re used to playing heads-up as they say, you might want to brush up on your tournament gameplay. And remember, poker is all about reading the room. Your opponents. Playing the cards is important, but playing the person is equally as important if not more. This is how most people get away with bluffing.

Show off those Poker skills!

With a number of different events played throughout the series, the total prize pool available is $500,000. Including a $200,000 grand prize for the main event. Which makes it more than worth the buy-in, if you’re interested. So if you’ve been working on your Poker skills and have been waiting for the right tournament to show them off, now’s your chance! Just log into 888poker today and get your game on!

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