PokerStars Expands to Estonia

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PokerStars has been the world’s largest online poker room for several years running, and the online poker site only continues to see more rapid growth. The latest expansion for PokerStars comes in the way of a new geographical license obtained in Estonia.

The expansion of PokerStars to Estonian players was just realized as the online poker site sought a license to offer its services to citizens of the nation. Crossing the border into Estonia makes PokerStars one of the very first online poker sites to provide its services, from a legal standpoint anyway, within the region.

PokerStars had to refurbish its offerings on a new online poker site in order to comply with all of the internet gambling laws of Estonia. Residents of the Baltic Nation will be able to log on and play online poker for real money by visiting and signing up an account with the web site

Italy and France have also held a staunch position against online poker and other forms of internet gambling, applying strict laws to prohibit any form of online poker that does not rise to its standards. Not long ago, PokerStars developed regionally productive online poker sites to comply with the laws of these countries as well, making PokerStars one of the only poker gambling companies to legally operate in Italy and France.

One of the key elements to PokerStars immense player base is its stronghold in the United States. Though the US government has incorporated vague laws that somewhat prohibit certain actions involved in online gambling, PokerStars has maintained that these laws are not restrictive to American players who wish to enjoy real money poker at its online poker room.

However, PokerStars was forced to restrict players from Washington State do to a recent supreme state court ruling that clearly criminalizes the act of playing online poker for real money within the state’s borders.

PokerStars and a mass of other online poker operators are closely watching a bill that is working its way through US congress, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act. Should this piece of legislation be passed, the United States may soon be able to provided licenses to online poker web sites that meet the regulatory guidelines of the bill.

Launched in 2004, it didn’t take long for PokerStars to escalate to the top of the totem pole. With enticing online poker bonuses and promotions, combined with a massive multi-million dollar weekly tournament schedule, the online poker site isn’t expected to drop in the ranks anytime soon.

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