PokerStars Hires Lee Jones as Head of Poker Communications

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PokerStars has hired Lee Jones to serve as the correspondent for all of PokerStars’ social interactions. He will be the spokesperson for the online poker room, on both and internal and external stratum. His passion for the game, combined with his superlative articulation and literary skills, will enable PokerStars to communicate with the public on more genuine, a one-on-one level.

“Lee has been a long-time poker evangelist and there are few people in the industry who can match his passion, knowledge and experience,”? said Eric Hollreiser, PokerStars’ Head of Corporate Communications. “In this role, Lee will focus full-time on using his knowledge and experience to engage audiences in forums, media, events, blogs and internally, infusing in all of us his passion and love for the game.”?

For those who don’t recognize the name, Lee Jones is a famous author of poker, having written the celebrated novel, “Winning Low-Limit Hold ’em”?, as well as offering his contribution of monthly musings to the renowned editorial, Bluff Magazine.  Lee Jones has also served as PokerStars’ online poker room manager from 2003 to 2007, after which he retired from the position to take on the task of assisting in the direction of the European Poker Tour (EPT). Jones did remain on the PokerStars payroll, however, as a consultant for the online poker room.

One year later, in April of 2008, Jones found himself moving on to bigger and better things and exited his EPT standing to accept the role of Chief Operations Officer for the online poker training site, CardRunners, where he spent two years before signing on as the new Card Room Manager for Cake Poker. In December of 2010, Jones resigned from his position at Cake Poker due to what he called, “strategic decisions with which I’m not comfortable with.”?

Suffice it to say, Lee Jones is well versed in the ways of poker from just about any standpoint, both live and online. He will surely have no problem filling the large pair of shoes set before him by PokerStars as the new Head of Poker Communications.  Jones offered a few words regarding the appreciation of his new position at PokerStars. “I love poker, and I love being part of the broader poker community.  This new role will allow me to serve as the community’s representative to PokerStars, as well as PokerStars’ representative to the poker community.”?

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