The positive effects of gambling on the spirit of humans

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I wanted to end the week (well, almost end) on a positive note. I read an article the other week titled: “The positive effects of gambling on the spirit of humans” and it essentially refuted the stigma associated with gambling. More particularly, gambling in live casinos.

They surveyed thousands upon thousands of people and conducted numerous studies wherein the participants went in blind not knowing they were being surveyed. This increases the chances for a sound and fair study as participants do not have the chance to potentially alter their answers. Here’s where it gets really interesting….. regular casino goers were found to be more relaxed than those who did not frequent regularly. They also found that people who participated in gambling on a regular basis did not necessarily spend more money but it was more or less a hobby to relax and calm down after a hard day’s work.

Many people enjoyed the casino as a means to socialize and meet new friends. Gambling was also found to combat loneliness and depression. There are even people who make a living from gambling, and an honest one at that!

That being said, there are of course, positives and negatives to every hobby and we always advocate to play responsibly. However, we have weighed the pros and cons for you and always promote the best casino’s and their bonuses for your enjoyment. Happy Spinning 🙂


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