RAWA Hearing Delayed

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This was supposed to be a huge article. We were going to celebrate the death of RAWA together. Instead, we’re still waiting.

RAWA, or the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, is the bill backed by Sheldon Adelson. Initially ignored for 2014, the bill was to close the “loophole” that allowed states to legalize online gambling. We theorized that the bill would return quickly in 2015, and we were right – it was reintroduced by the man that initially introduced it, Jason Chaffetz, the Republican representative for Utah.

RAWA, as it currently stands, features 13 cosponsors: Rob Bishop (R – Utah), Charles Dent (R – Pennsylvania), Randy Forbes (R – Virginia), Trent Franks (R – Arizona), Tulsi Gabbard (D – Hawaii), Louie Gohmert (R – Texas), Trey Gowdy (R – South Carolina), George Holding (R – North Carolina), Steve King (R – Iowa), Mia Love (R – Utah), Pedro Pierluisi (D – Puerto Rico), Lamar Smith (R – Texas), and Joe Wilson (R – South Carolina).

Instead, we’re stuck waiting thanks to an assist from the cruelest lady of the land, and one that not even Sheldon Adelson can pay off – Mother Nature. Indeed, thanks to the nearly foot of snow that was dumped in the Washington D.C. area, the hearing was postponed.

The hearing was poised to be the first step toward an official vote on the Restoration of America’s Wire Act. The bill, which was considered a huge threat to the world of online gambling, has an estimated 1% chance of being enacted, according to govtrack.us.

The Subcommittee is scheduled to hear from four witnesses – three RAWA supporters and a witness chosen by Democrats.

Many are now seeing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act as a bill that is purely selfish for Sheldon Adelson and his business needs – it calls for the banishment of online casino operations, but allows various other types, such as horse racing. It’s flawed and full of holes, and now that many states have proven how profitable online gambling can be, politicians are less eager to pass it without debate.

Online gambling is on the rise. It’s seen success in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada, and several other states are looking into adopting some form of online gambling, such as Pennsylvania. The money is being funneled back into the state, and thanks to extra incentives such as no deposit bonuses, people are flocking to online gambling websites where it’s legal to place bets and tempt their luck.

The delay of the hearing for RAWA is great for supporters of online gambling – it gives extra time for the states to further prove how lucrative online gambling can be. Rest assured, when RAWA is eventually heard, you can read all about it here.

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