Reign Supreme with Napoleon Conquest and Glory

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 1/02/2024
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Everyone’s heard of Napoleon, right? Famous French emperor and military commander who was known both for his political and cultural impact. And his height as well. If you’ve always wanted to go back in time and lead a military campaign in the time of the French Revolution. Then that’s exactly what Napoleon Conquest and Glory will allow you to do!

If you’re any kind of history buff, you’ll recognize the symbols associated with the game. Everything from horses and tricorn hats to necklaces and rings. Plus Napoleon and his famous wife Josephine as well. With 5 reels and a 3-4-4-4-4 symbol formation, you’ll have 8 active paylines in play and a massive jackpot to play for an amazing 20,000x! No wonder it’s the Napoleon Jackpot! As far as special features go, you’ll have Grand Napoleon symbols. Free spins with a cash collection and free spins with multipliers too. Everything you need for slots victory!

Napoleon has more wins for you though

With such a giant jackpot to play for, you’d think that the max bet would be in the high triple figures and out of your reach. But in fact, it’s at a super affordable $10 per spin. Giving you plenty of value with every roll of the reels. Or if you need to budget a little more strictly, stick to the minimum bet of $0.10 instead and play on.

Once you start playing, it’s the Napoleon symbol you’ll want to look out for. An icon that’ll land randomly during your game. And can range in size from a single position on the reels to as large as 4×4 positions. Obviously the bigger it is, the better for you. So cross your fingers that it shows up and conquers, just like Napoleon itself.

As far as free spins go, you’ll be able to trigger them as soon as 5 scatters land on the reels.

With at least one present on reel 1. You’ll be given 1 free spin for every scatter you find, and you won’t have any royals on the reels either, meaning that it’s high-value symbols all the way!

Once you’re in the free spins round, you’ll have two different versions to play. Either Conquest or Glory (hence the name of the slot). Choose Conquest, and if you get any Territory symbols on the reels with a Napoleon symbol on reel 1, you’ll be able to collect prizes instantly. The territories will be collected on a map of Europe. And you’ll be able to retrigger the round by collecting at least 5 different territories, or all 8 of them.

If you’re playing the Glory version, you’ll be playing with multipliers during your round. You’ll have Josephine on the 5th reel, helping to boost your multiplier by up to 10x, bringing you the winning glory you deserve!

Ready to take command like Napoleon? Just log on to your casino, get the reels spinning, and prepare for jackpot victory!

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