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Remote vacations. It’s no secret that the three most popular purchases for jackpot winners are a new house, a new car, and a luxury holiday, And it’s the latter that we’re most excited about. Jetting off to far-flung destinations and enjoying all the extravagance and first-class pampering that money can buy.

But if you’ve got millions in your bank account to help you travel the world. Why not REALLY travel the world. And instead of going to the globe’s most popular tourist destinations. Why not visit the most remote holiday destinations instead? If nothing else, you won’t have to navigate through endless crowds. Because you’re more likely to have the place to yourself. And think about what a talking point your holiday pics would be!

Remote is key for peace

Just in case you are that kind of person, we’ve taken a look at the most outer reaches the world has to offer. In an effort to offer you a truly one-of-a-kind tourist experience. All you’ll need is a casino jackpot. And a taste for adventure. You’re welcome.

Macquarie Island, Australia
What are your feelings on penguins? Yes, odd question, but stay with us. If you’re neutral on the penguin front. Then rather skip this entry and move onto the next one. But if you’re all about little guys in Antarctic tuxedos. Then this is the holiday spot for you!

It’s called Macquarie Island. And while it’s actually a sub-Antarctic island between New Zealand and Antarctica. It belongs officially to Australia. That’s not what makes it so noteworthy though. What puts Macquarie Island head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to unique holiday experiences. While it’s only 50 square miles in size, it’s home to A MILLION penguins! Yes, a million. We’re not sure who counted them. But we do know that the island is teeming with wild penguins. From king, royal and Gentoo penguins to rockhopper penguins as well. Plus as a bonus, it’s also a breeding area for giant elephant seals too! Talk about remote.

Sign me up stat!

Best of all, Macquarie Island is all about animals rather than people. Meaning the only other humans you might see are those stationed at the island’s research centre. So if your idea of heaven is lots of penguins and almost no people. Your next holiday destination is a no-brainer. Just remember to pack warmly. Because, sub-Antarctic. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Faroe Islands, Denmark
Still on the ‘more animals than people’ trend. If you’d like to spend time in an island setting that’s rural, isolated, and filled with sheep, puffins, whales, seals and cows. Then get your passport ready for a trip to Denmark’s Faroe Islands!

While close to the UK, the Faroe Islands are actually part of Denmark and have a proud Nordic heritage. Although the islands have a total population of 48,500 people. The way the inhabitants are spread out across the land you’ll still have all the breathing space you need and more. The Faroe Islands are all about animals and nature and outdoor exploration, so gear up and get ready for a getaway you’ll never forget! with all of the remote goodness.

Up up and away

Svalbard, Norway
Staying within a Scandinavian setting, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbad is lovely this time of year. Actually, we have no idea. But we do know that this Arctic location lies halfway between Norway and the North Pole. So if you visit round December, you might be lucky enough to see Santa! Failing that, there are plenty of polar bears, narwhals, beluga whales and walruses to look out for instead. Most of which you don’t see every day.

Visit in summer for outdoor adventures like kayaking and dog sledding. And to experience the famous ‘midnight sun’. Or wrap up tight and go in winter to view the northern lights instead. And maybe make sure you’ve been more nice than naughty this year. Just in case.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
Feel like really spending some time alone? Then you’ll love the Artic town of Ittoqqortoormiit in eastern Greenland (also, please don’t ask us to pronounce it). With a population of approximately 500. And one guesthouse, pub and post office, it is literally one of the world’s most remote locations, and one of the coldest too.

Let’s travel the world together

Definitely don’t bring your swimming gear. As the sea around Ittoqqortoormiit is frozen for nine months out of 12. But if the weather plays along you might be able to go dog sledding or even camping as well. And if you visit in winter (dress warmly!) you could even be lucky enough to catch sight of the famed Northern Lights. Take a cruise to Ittoqqortoormiit or pop over on a helicopter from Iceland and enjoy the very definition of me-time. And also, please find out how to pronounce its name while you’re there…

Easter Island, Chile
It’s instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic statues. And it’s more than worth a visit. If you can get there, of course. It’s Easter Island. And it’s home to Maoi statues, volcanoes, gorgeous landscapes, and a completely remote location, 3,800km off the coast of Chile.

Take us there right now

Also known by its indigenous name Rapa Nui. Easter Island is only accessible via plane. Which you can take from either Chile or Tahiti. Once you’re there, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings. And of course, the famous Easter Island statues themselves. Carved from solid volcanic ash known as tuff. The statues were sculpted with hand chisels and created to represent the faces of Rapa Nui’s ancestors. While most of the remaining Moai statues still stand on Easter Island. More can be found in notable museums round the world. Such as in Paris or London. But why travel to a museum when you can see them in their natural habitat. And enjoy a completely unique vacation experience at the same time? Get your gear together. It’s off to Easter Island we go!

Ready to jet off to lands unknown? Make sure you pack the right gear, and that you’re ready for anything. The four corners of the Earth await, and if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you could soon be exploring them. Good luck and bon voyage!

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