Royal Nuts online slot review

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 7/10/2024
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We love a slot that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with Royal Nuts. It’s literally right there in the name! Fresh from the creative minds at NetEnt, Royal Nuts is exactly what it says on the tin. A slot about nuts. Who happen to be royals at the same time. Nothing unusual about that, right? Well, um, maybe…

What’s not unusual is the work that NetEnt has put in to make Royal Nuts stand out from the crowd. It’s bright, it’s colourful. It’s visually appealing. And its crazy nut characters light up the screen with their zany madcap antics.

Have your formal outfit ready for Royal Nuts

Because we’re going straight to the royal court in Royal Nuts to meet the King, Queen and Prince. All huge nutters themselves. As three of the slot’s premium symbols. You’ll want to see these characters pop up on the reels. Along with other symbols like gemstones and the regular royals (no nutters here).

Keeping the fun going, the reels are just as exciting as the characters that spin round them. With 5 reels, 36 active paylines and a 3-4-5-4-3 symbol formation. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinarily exciting instead! You’ll also be playing for riches fit for a king too. With a top jackpot of 5,774x for the taking, and an RTP of 96.05%. Throw in extra features like free spins and Golden Wild Nuts (yes, literally the name) and you’re ready for a rip-roaring royal time!

Don’t worry – even though the slot is set in the royal court, you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom to get started.

In fact, with bets starting at just $0.20 per spin, it’s wonderfully affordable for every size of bankroll. If you’re feeling flush though (royal flush, get it?) you can increase your bet size a little. Or even a lot. All the way up to the max of $800. Which is pretty hefty, but will also give you winning potential of over $4 million if you hit the big one! Just always make sure that no matter how much you bet, you’re managing your finances responsibly. Or else you’ll have a royal mess on your hands!

Once your bet size is set, so are you – the reels await! The amazingly named Golden Wild Nut is one of the features you’ll want to be looking out for – a bonus that’ll transform the high value Royal Nut symbols into various forms of wilds. First up is the regular wild that’ll substitute for other symbols to help form winning combos. Then there’s the stacked wild that’ll cover 2 or more positions on the reels. And finally there’s the expanding wild which will cover a reel completely, helping to give your winnings a very welcome boost.

What’s the one feature you really want to bow down to though?

That’s the free spins of course! Get 3 to 5 triggering scatters on the reels and you’ll win 10 to 20 free spins in return! Not only that, you’ll also have the chance to unlock various wilds by collecting gemstones, for even more fun and even more winnings!

So if it’s majestic payouts you’re after, Royal Nuts could be where you find them. Log on and start living the regal life!

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