Space Wars 2 PowerPoints

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Space Wars 2 Powerpoint





  • Crisp graphics
  • Fun theme
  • Easy to play


  • not for high rollers

Space Wars 2 Powerpoint@ Get ready to blast off into outer space with the explosive new online slot from NetEnt. Space Wars 2 PowerPoints. The sequel to NetEnt’s original Space Wars release more than 7 years ago. Space Wars 2 brings back all the extra-terrestrial excitement, and adds even more thrills in the form of huge jackpots and bonus features too. So if you’re up for going beyond the final frontier. And returning home with huge payouts, then Space Wars is the slot for you!

Space Wars 2 Powerpoint has it all

Get ready to start exploring galaxies far far away, with a 6×6 game area set against the backdrop of a distant planet and asteroids. If you’ve got what it takes to reign supreme over the universe. You’ll win a star-studded jackpot of 10,000x your original bet! Plus you’ll have plenty of bonus features to offer added exhilaration too. In the form of wilds, multipliers, bombs, zappers and blasters. Got those phasers set to stun? Then let’s go!

No need to be afraid of the aliens in Space Wars 2. That’s because these cute little guys are the ones who bring winnings your way. And in cluster pays too. Just place a bet anywhere from $0.20 to $100 and watch as the winning combos form! Get a combination of 3 to 6 matching symbols anywhere on the reels. Either vertically or horizontally. And you’ll be paid out instantly. The winning symbols will then disappear, with new symbols tumbling down into their place from above. As usual with cluster pays. The more winning combos and the more matching symbols that tumble down. The more you could win in a single spin!

We’ve got more for you though

That’s not all though. Space Wars 2 adds a little something extra to the cluster pays system you’re used to. That’s because with every winning combo you form. You’ll earn PowerPoints, which will then accumulate in a special meter. Keep an eye on this. Because it could help to multiply your winnings later on in the game!

Need a little more excitement to lift your sci-fi fantasy? Then look out for these modifiers that could rocket your winnings to the moon:

Grab your combo

Get a combo of 3 symbols in Space Wars and once they’ve been removed. They’ll leave a wild symbol behind them. Do this during your free spins round, and they’ll add a multiplier too. One that could boost your wins by up to 25x if you’re lucky.
Form a combo of 4 symbols on a row or column. And you’ll earn a blaster modifier. Once you do, it’ll remove all the regular symbols from the row or column. And give you the same number of PowerPoints in the meter.
Get a combination of 5 to 6 symbols, and you’ll earn yourself a zapper. A modifier that’ll remove up to 4 types of symbols from the reels.
Form a combo with symbols both horizontally and vertically. And a bomb will be added to the reels. Any symbols found nearby after it explodes will be removed from the reels. And the same number of PowerPoints will be added to the reels.

Here is a tip for you

Pro tip: combine the modifiers in Space Wars for an even more powerful effect! Just wait for when they’re triggered next to each other, and see what happens!

Remember the PowerPoints reel we told you about? Once you’ve filled it with 1,000 PowerPoints, you’ll be able to access the free spins round. Here the game area will increase to a 6×8 space, with potential for multiplier wilds, and retriggering too!

Outer space is full of rewards for you, and it’s just waiting to be explored! So put your shields up in Space Wars and engage in intergalactic battle for huge winnings. Your universe depends on you

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