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Posted By: Date: 04/06/2022

Betsson goes mobile! What’s better than a sportsbook? A sportsbook app, of course! At least, that’s Betsson’s approach. Which is why their new mobile sportsbook app has finally launched in Colorado. After having been previously postponed in 2021, this is exciting to see unfold. Let’s face it, in 2022, almost everyone is on their mobile phones. It’s become more of a rarity to sit down on a PC and gamble online. Or do anything online for that matter. Than it... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 02/05/2021

Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat – these are the big guns of online casino gambling, and if you’re a regular player, chances are you’ve played one or all of them at some point in your gaming career. But what about specialty games? Have you ever heard of them, ever played them, ever wondered what makes them so… well… special? What are online casino specialty games? It’s a general enough definition but it’s one that works – if a game... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 01/05/2021

New year, new gaming trends right? Online casinos are certainly not what they were a decade ago, or even give years ago. The graphics are crisp, the payment options are endless and customer support is instant. Most even offer a live dealer experience so it feels as though you’re in a brick and mortar environment. Lets take a look at some of the casino trends for 2021: Mobile-Gaming: Mobile gambling is already very popular however, it is set to increase... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 02/27/2020

Gambling is a favourite pastime of many around the world, whether enjoyed at land-based casinos, or online via laptop, desktop, or mobile device. But which countries enjoy gambling the most, and which spend the most on it each year? Let’s take a look. Australia If you’re from Australia, you probably already know that it’s one of the biggest gambling countries in the world, offering casino play, sports betting, and lotteries too. Even better, it doesn’t tax gambling winnings either, which... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 07/22/2019

We’ve already had a look at some of the weirdest bets ever placed – now let’s take it one step further and look at novelty bets too. As the name suggests, novelty bets aren’t your usual casino, poker or sporting bets – instead they’re strange one-off bets that anyone can take, but that no one really expects to win. Or do they? We’ve rounded up a selection of the strangest novelty bets either taken, or still open for wagers –... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 06/10/2019

This is really exciting news! UK GVC has just formed an agreement with MGM which will pave the way for a joint sports betting operation. This venture will be online and it will be HUGE! Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court announced that online sports betting was legal. Since this decision, shares of pretty much every online sports betting venture have rose and the web of new online sports betting creations are endless. However, this one is particular important... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 01/11/2019

Like many other mid-western States, Minnesota is joining the wave, hopping on the bandwagon… or at least we hope. Lobbyists and legislators are considering legalizing sports betting in all of its forms. The push to legalize sports betting is not only for enjoyment but for a cool $40 million economy boost. Lawmakers are still weighing the pros and cons however, the push to legalize it seems to so far, outweigh any potential negatives. This new form of State revenue would... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 10/26/2018

All of the major sporting leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA etc should really be thrilled at the idea of legalized sports betting and here’s why: they will make bucket loads of cash! The Supreme Court has finally decided to legalize Sports Betting and New Jersey’s major has already decided to formally make it legal down in the state. But how would this be good for Major sports leagues? Sportsbooks would be required to pay a portion to a fund dedicated... Read More »