Take the Bank !

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Take the Bank





  • Crisp graphics
  • Good theme


  • Lower variance

Ever thought about what it must be like to rob a bank? Yes of course, super illegal, so we’re definitely not advocating that. But just to come into a whole bunch of money when you need it the most? Now that’s the fun part!

Luckily, the game developers at Betsoft have had the same thought, and thanks to their creativity, you’ll be able to rob a bank and get your hands on some cash, all without breaking a single law. How? By playing Take the Bank of course, the online slot that puts you in charge of a thrilling heist, and hopefully delivers some action-packed jackpots for you at the same time.

Make your dash for jackpot cash

So what does Take the Bank have in store for you? Only 5×3 reels and 75 paylines of pure adrenaline, a top payout of 22x your original bet, and an RTP of 96.08%. Not to mention a host of free spins and wilds as well.

You’ve got to spend money to make money, as the saying goes, so how much do you need to spend to start spinning the reels in Take the Bank? Not as much as you’d think, as it turns out. With bets ranging from $0.20 to $20, 11 different choices of bet values, and 75 lines to play, what you pay is completely up to you and your bankroll. Remember though that to win max you need to bet max, so make sure your bankroll is capable of taking the heat before you commit to a betting budget.

Place your bets and you’ll see that when it comes to features, Take the Bank delivers and then some. First off, as Take the Bank is what’s known as a progression game, every 10 spins you make will activate the Detonate Wilds feature. Take a look at the Master Bomb Counter as you spin, and once it lands on zero, any robber icons that you’ve collected will transform into bombs, which will in turn become wild bombs, and explode – hence the Detonate Wilds feature. Once the bombs explode, hopefully with huge winnings for you, the 10-spin progression will begin again, and so will your chance to win big.

As with most other slots, the wilds work as substitutes, completing any winning combos they form part of, with the exception of the robber and police car symbols. Even better, get five wilds in a winning combo, and you’ll receive a bumper payout in return.

Normally in a bank job you’d run from a police car, but in Take the Bank it’s one symbol you’ll want to see, as three of these on the reels will trigger the game’s free spin mode, with 15 spins to play and almost limitless rewards to reap.

Ready to break in and Take the Bank for all it’s worth? Betsoft has got you covered with this fun, light-hearted game that’s full of surprises and jackpots too. Place your bets, get into position, and prepare to pull off the heist of the century!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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