Texas Governor Rick Perry Opposes Online Gambling

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Online gambling hasn’t had the easiest journey to legality. Rather than legalize it across the nation, individual states are taking it upon themselves to legalize it. Currently, it’s legal to gamble online in three states, with more undoubtedly on the way. One state that isn’t on the way, however, is Texas.

This past week, it was revealed that Governor Rick Perry sent a leader to congressional leaders, as well as the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, asking for Congress to change their mind and reverse the 2011 Department of Justice interpretation of the Wire Act. That decision is what caused states to seek legalization of gambling online.

The reason this is a huge deal is because Governor Rick Perry is a potential presidential candidate for 2016. If he is elected to office, several years of progress could potentially be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

This announcement comes shortly after Sheldon Adelson hired several more lobbying firms to fight the legalization of online gambling. Adelson recently hired Rick Reed, a political activist.

The dangerous situation here lies between Adelson and Governor Perry. Sheldon Adelson has a nearly limitless supply of money – he’s the eighth richest man in the world. With Perry seeking office, the combination of the two could threaten the very landscape of online gaming.

Perry’s camp quickly came out and denied any connection between his letter and Adelson’s wallet and his quest to end online gambling, stating that Perry has been dedicated to preventing the expansion of gambling in Texas.

The news is very conveniently timed. Online gambling is poised to be legalized in both Pennsylvania and California. A few weeks ago, New Jersey posted a monthly profit when compared to last year despite several casinos being closed down. An overwhelming amount of positive news in regards to the benefits of online gambling was pouring out, and suddenly, four months later, news of this letter surfaces.

It’s no wonder why both Rick Perry and Sheldon Adelson are opposed to online gambling – neither of them have their hand in it, so they don’t stand to gain anything. Adelson will likely twist the situation in New Jersey – that is, they expanded the town too quickly and are shutting down casinos that are no longer financially viable to keep open – and use it to his own gain, showing it as proof that online gambling sites, especially when paired up with promotions like no deposit bonuses, hurt land based casinos. If that were the case, all of the casinos in New Jersey would close.

Whatever the case may be, the situation just got a lot more intense. If and when Rick Perry seeks the presidential crown, make sure to check his supporters. Don’t be surprised if you see Sheldon Adelson front and center.

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