The advantages of real money online casino play

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Even if you’re brand-new to the idea of online casino gaming, you’ll know there are two ways to play – for free, and for real. So which do you choose? Well, if you want to go the free play route, you’ll soon find out it’s awesome! You’ll be able to test out your choice of online casino games without risking your money, you’ll learn the ropes, and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the idea of playing online, in a calm, stress-free environment.

The best part? If you ever feel like you want more from your casino experience – more excitement, more games, more jackpot opportunities – you’ll be able to upgrade to real money play at any time. And that’s when the REAL fun begins!
But what exactly is so special about real money casino play? Let’s take a look!

1. Welcome bonuses. Now that’s what we’re talking about – free money, and lots of it! It’s one of the biggest perks of becoming a real money player, and it’s one you should take advantage of as soon as possible!
So what exactly is a welcome bonus? Well, it’s what it sounds like – a bonus offered to you by the casino as a way of welcoming you in. The online casino environment is a hugely competitive one, and so to make themselves stand out from the competition, casinos offer wonderfully generous bonuses to prospective players in order to incentivize them to sign up. All of which means you, as the player, score big time!
In order to decide which casino to sign up with, and which bonus to claim, you’ll need to do a little window shopping first. Browse around, take a look at what’s on offer, and have a think about which bonus would suit you best. Do you want to sign up and claim a no deposit bonus, with no money needed from your side at all? Or would you prefer to claim a deposit bonus instead, and make a deposit into your account in order to claim a bigger bonus?
These are just two of the examples of welcome bonus on offer – you’ll find plenty more, and you’ll have plenty to choose from too. It’s all part of the excitement of real money play. Welcome, you’ll love it here!

2. Winning opportunities. It’s at number two on our list but it’s probably the absolute number one reason to play for real money – because you could win real money as a result! Obviously with game outcomes depending entirely on luck, real money winnings are never guaranteed, but if you play for real money you’ll give yourself the chance of winning real money, and that’s what it’s all about!
Decide how much you can afford to spend, place your bets on your chosen game, and if it’s your lucky day, the odds could be in your favour! As soon as you feel you’ve won enough, request a withdrawal and you’ll be able to turn that real money currency into real, actual cash – and then it’s time to make those dreams come true! Take the family out on the town, pay some bills, go on a luxury holiday, treat yourself – whatever you’ve imagined doing with those winnings, you’ll now be able to do for real. And that’s what makes it all so fabulous!

3. More games. If you enjoyed the games in the free casino, then you’re in for a real treat! Many online casino beginners don’t realize this, but there are a number of games that are only available for real money play – usually progressive jackpots, as these are unable to be offered in free play mode due to the nature of their payouts. So while playing for free will give you a good idea of what online casino gambling is all about, it’s only when you upgrade to real money play that you’ll get the benefit of the full casino experience. And if it’s those multi-million progressive jackpots you’re after, then real is the only way to play.

4. Loyalty rewards. Did you know – online casinos don’t just reward you for signing up, they reward you for staying too! Loyal players are hugely valuable to online casinos, which is why they’ll go to great lengths to keep you happy, and keep you playing too. What does that mean? It means bonuses of course – reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, cash back bonuses, birthday bonuses, VIP bonuses and banking bonuses, not to mention promotions, tournaments and giveaways too. What’s more, most reputable online casinos will also have their own loyalty rewards programmes, where every time you play, you’ll earn points that you can later redeem for cash or other prizes and perks. Look out for details in your casino’s emails and newsletters, and you’ll soon find out that it pays to stay and play!

5. World-class quality. As a real money player, you’re hugely valuable to your online casino, which means they’ll always go the extra mile to take care of you, and look after your best interests. The very welcome result? You’ll have access to a premium quality casino experience, from the latest games and the biggest bonuses to watertight security, quick and easy banking, ongoing game fairness, and the highest standards of customer service. (And if your online casino isn’t offering you these things, it’s time to find one that will.) After all, you’re spending your hard-earned money, so it’s only fair that you reap the rewards of exceptional service, right? Because whether or not you find success with your gaming, finding success with your casino provider is the real win.

Of course while there are huge advantages to playing for real money, there are a number of disadvantages too, like spending more than you can afford, and becoming too attached to the outcome of a game. But just remember to always keep an eye on your bankroll, to play responsibly and to have fun, and you’ll be fine. At its heart, real money play is about real excitement, and once you’ve found that, you’ll always be a winner!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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