The Best Time to Gamble Online

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We know that gambling online is all about luck and time comes into play. And we know that you know it too, because we keep reminding you. Thanks to the RNG algorithm that all online casinos use, you can be sure that every outcome of every game is always fair and random. So there’s no hacking, rigging or cheating. Just pure luck with every spin of the reels, flip of the cards and roll of the dice.

Something else that plays a part, however, is timing. The timing of your decisions. Of your actual gaming sessions. The timing of your emotional well-being as you play. All of these contribute to your outcomes too. So what’s the best time to actually gamble online. And can you use timing to influence your game play in a positive way? Let’s take a look at the factors that matter most.

Check the time of day

1. The time of day matters. What time do you usually log on and play? First thing in the morning while you’re taking public transport to work? At the end of the day when you get home and want to unwind? Or over the weekend when you can really relax?

Believe it or not, the time of day you choose to play can actually be a factor that impacts your gambling experience. In general, weekday evenings tend to be the busiest, which makes sense. People get home from work and want to relax. So they log onto their online casino to enjoy their favourite pastime. As a result, the casino is significantly busier. The atmosphere is vibier, and the jackpots are bigger too. Because more bets mean a bigger accumulation, particularly for progressive jackpots.

If you’re someone who enjoys a vibrant casino environment, you might want to consider gambling in the evenings so you can take in the hustle and bustle. Alternatively if you prefer a quieter, more laid-back casino atmosphere. Try gambling in the morning or during any downtime on weekdays instead. You’ll find the casino less crowded, and you won’t need to wait for any games that have a limit of the number of players allowed. Such as live dealer games. It’s all about timing. So find the time of day (or night) that suits your game play best – because a happy player has a much better chance of becoming a winning player.

Which day of the week comes into play

2. The day of the week matters. In addition to choosing between daytime and night-time, you might also want to consider the day of the week you play on as well. Many casinos will run what they call ‘Happy Hour’ promotions. In order to entice players to log on during what are typically slower times of the day. In order to incentivize you to do this, they’ll offer rewards such as bonuses, discounts or giveaways, meaning that just by playing at a certain time of the day. You could significantly increase your winning opportunities. And potentially even your bankroll too. Keep an eye out for these types of promotions, and you and your account balance could benefit hugely.

Similarly, weekends could also prove to be lucrative for you. As more players online means bigger prize pools and a bigger attendance at competitions like tournaments and freerolls. If you like going up against other players and proving your skills. And if you like competing for big prizes, weekend game play could be the rewarding solution you’ve been looking for!

What Time Zone are you in?

3. The time zone matters. Tired of logging on only to find the tables full or the games crowded? It could be the time zone you’re playing in. If you’re playing at an online casino with a player base that’s predominantly from one country (such as the UK or the USA). It could be worth finding out when traffic is lower or higher in their specific time zones. Of course, if it’s significantly late at night or early in the morning for you. It might not be possible to play at a lower traffic time, but keep time zones in mind nevertheless. They could also help you choose an online casino with game play at a time that suits you best.

4. The time of the month matters. Responsible gambling behaviour is all about managing your bankroll. And if you’re paid a salary on a monthly basis, it’s natural that you’d have more in your bank account right when you get paid, and less just before. We know that budgeting is important. But it’s also completely natural to be running low on funds towards the end of the month, which makes scheduling your game play all the more important.

Resist the Temptation!

While it’s tempting to want to spend all your gambling budget as soon as you get paid. Try your best to make it last throughout the entire month, so that you always have a decent amount in your bankroll to play with. Alternatively, if you need to work on your budgeting skills. It’s best to stay away from gambling when your bankroll is looking lean and needs to be topped up. Remember to never play with more than you can afford to spend. And if that means scheduling your game play for a time of the month when your account balance is healthier, then so be it.

5. Your mood matters. Feeling tired, upset, angry or distracted? Perhaps reconsider logging onto your online casino until your mood feels a bit more balanced. Any kind of energy, positive or negative, can inform your decision-making. So ensure that when you visit your online casino, you’re always feeling your best. Make a note of the times of day when you’re usually more alert, stay away from alcohol or any mind-altering substances. And make sure you’re in a mental space where you’re able to get the most from your gambling. The better you feel, the better chance you have of a positive outcome.

As you can see, timing is everything when it comes to gambling online. That, and a little luck thrown in for good measure. Do your best to gamble at a time that fits with your preferences and who knows – it could soon be your time to hit the big one!

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