The Best Ways to Spend New Years Day!

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Happy New Year everyone! It is officially the year 2020. I’m sure some of you are slightly hungover in bed wishing you could turn back the clock and erase those last 2 drinks. And I’m sure others, passed out before the clock struck midnight and are ready to take on the day. While I cannot confirm or deny which of those I am, I can tell you how to start your New Year off on the right foot. Here are some fun things to do today:

Exercise Class: I can see your eyes rolling from here LOL. While hungover hot yoga might sound more like torture than a fun thing to do today, increasing blood flow and light exercise has actually been proven to cure hangovers. The heat involved in not only normal exercise, but hot yoga, makes you sweat out toxins (booze) very quickly. The hard part is simply getting out of bed and getting your workout clothes on.

Binge-watch TV: This is for everyone too hung over to leave the bed. For all of you sports fans, I’m sure you’d agree that New Years Day is for college football. Or perhaps you can binge watch all of those Holiday movies you were too busy to watch in December!

Host New Year’s Day Brunch: This one is a great idea. For everyone who didn’t get a chance to spend the Holidays with their family and/or friends, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up with a light brunch. What better way to spend the New Year than surrounded by loved ones and food.

Clean out your Fridge: Maybe not the most riveting idea BUT, you will thank me once it’s done. Cleaning out your fridge not only saves you time meal prepping, but it will save you money. Say goodbye to wasted and spoiled food. Pay extra attention to expired condiments from 2019.

Go to the Theatre and watch a movie: If you feel like getting out of the house for some fresh air but still want to do something light, this is the perfect activity for you. You can still leave the house and sit down for hours on end. Go and watch that movie you’ve been dying to see during the holidays. Star Wars anyone?

Take down the Holiday decorations: This one is also a daunting task on January 1st however, it’s one that will lighten your load for the year to come. Since taking down Holiday decorations is always a little sad for me, I usually leave one tiny piece up until mid-January. Baby steps.

Online Shop: If you missed Black Friday and Boxing Day, don’t worry. There are plenty of retailers just dying to get rid of last year’s stock. This means, plenty of deals for you 🙂

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Happy New Year 🙂

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