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This or That. We don’t know how often you’re on TikTok these days (if at all) but one of the most popular trends right now is ‘This or that?’. Making a decision between two choices. Which foods do you like, which songs do you prefer, which holiday destination is your favourite… the list goes on. The great part about it is that there’s no wrong or right answer. It’s simply your own personal preference. And that’s what makes it so interesting to watch, particularly when you compare your own choice to that of the person taking part.

That’s why we thought we’d do ‘This or that’ with the choices you usually have to make when playing at an online casino. And compare the pros and cons. Take a look, decide which option you’d pick. And then see how it matches up to our choice. Let’s go!

1. Free play vs real play

So, you’re about to sign up at a new online casino and you’re given the choice . Do you play for real money right away, or do you play for free first? What do you do? This or that?

Well, we know exactly what we’d do – play for free of course! And not just when playing for the very first time either. We’d also play for free as experienced players too. That’s because no matter how long you’ve been playing for, there’s always a period of adjustment when you’re gambling at a new online casino. Getting used to the user interface, finding your way around, learning what goes where. And rather than make any expensive mistakes, we’d prefer to learn the ropes in a risk-free environment first, and then upgrade to real money play. So, this or that?

This is even more important when you’re a brand-new player. Familiarizing yourself with the casino environment is key, as is learning how to play the games and knowing what you should and shouldn’t do. Rather than wasting your hard-earned money while you’re finding your feet. Play with virtual cash instead until you’re comfortable gambling online. Then by all means make the switch to real money play. You’ll feel more confident, and more assured in your decision-making. Which will hopefully be reflected in the outcome of your games as well. This or that.

This or that – what’s your top online casino choice? 

Of course, if you’d prefer to jump right in and start playing for real money immediately, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s completely your choice, and if you’re comfortable with your decision and sure of your gaming abilities then go for it. It’s like getting into a swimming pool. Do you dip your toe in first or do you dive right in? We’re dippers, but diving is equally as good a choice. It’s up to you!

Our verdict: Free play first, then real play later.

2. Slots vs table games

When it comes to gambling online, players usually fall into two categories: those that play slots primarily. And those that prefer table games. We’re not saying exclusively – most people play both in fact. But we’re talking about the type of game you spend the most time on. And for us, that’s slots. This or that.

Why? Because when we go to the casino, we go to escape and have fun. Not to do all the big thinking and decision-making that we usually have to do in the real world. That’s not to say we spend our time mindlessly hitting the bet button until we’ve blown through our bankroll in the space of five minutes. Huge red flag there. But we’d rather spend our time playing and enjoying the game than thinking and strategizing and weighing up various game play options. This or that.

Now, while playing slots is wonderfully easy, which is what makes slots games so enduringly popular. There are a number of other considerations to bear in mind, most importantly the house edge. Because very little skill is involved in playing slots. The house edge tends to be higher than most table games. Sometimes reaching as much as 15% on certain types of games, which means that when you’re playing slots. You need to be keeping a close eye on your budget or your bankroll. As a few unlucky spins could soon see you go way past your personal limits. Which is why it’s so crucial to always play responsibly and prioritize your financial management. This or that.

It’s also the reason why so many people prefer table games as an alternative. Rather than being put off by the strategy involved in games such as Poker or Blackjack. Many players love the challenge they present. Going up against the house and other players, and coming out on top. Skills games like these also have a significantly lower house edge too, which can often make bankroll management a lot easier. Although still an important point to bear in mind. This or that.

Ultimately it’s up to you and your personal preferences. Just remember that there are certain advantages to both. It’s just a matter of which are more important to you, in terms of guiding your game play choice.

Our verdict: Slots all the way!

3. No deposit bonus vs deposit bonus

This might seem like a complete no-brainer at first – why would you choose to actively spend your own money on a bonus when you can simply play with the casino’s instead? It’s a good question, so let’s answer it. Because the results could actually change your mind completely.

Any time you sign up at a new online casino, you’ll be offered a welcome bonus as an incentive for opening an account. That’s just the way it works. And it’s definitely one of the biggest perks of being an online casino player. Typically these bonuses fall into two categories. Either a bonus that offers you free money or free spins with zero deposit needed. Or a bonus that’s contingent on you making a deposit first. So obviously you should go with the no deposit bonus, right? This or that.

Not necessarily. That’s because while it’s true that free spins and free deposit bonuses require zero financial input on your part. They also come with very strict wagering and playthrough requirements to make sure you don’t abuse the bonus given to you by the casino. So it’s important to read and understand these first. To make sure you don’t unknowingly contravene them in any way. Additionally, no deposit bonuses also tend to be significantly smaller than deposit bonuses. So if you’re looking for a big payday from your welcome bonus, you may be in for a surprise.

This or that?

By contrast, deposit bonuses are often much larger, sometimes reaching into the thousands. Often these are spread out over a number of deposits. So depending on the bonus you’re claiming, you could be rewarded for making as many as five or more deposits with your casino. And receiving a substantial bonus in return. Even better, these bonuses often come with free spins attached too. Giving you all the benefits of a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus in one. This or that.

So which bonus is a better bet? A smaller bonus with no financial commitment from you, or a bigger bonus in exchange for a deposit? Here we’re going to be clever about it and choose the no deposit bonus. Because very often casinos will let you claim their no deposit bonus. And then afterward claim their deposit bonus too. So you get the best of both worlds? And what’s better than that! All the money, all the perks, all the excitement – sign us up! This or that.

Our verdict: No deposit bonus first, then deposit bonus afterwards. It’s a loophole but it’s allowed!

4. Big bets vs small bets

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve stared into space spending the multi-million jackpots we hope to win one day. From mansions to cars to exotic holidays and designer wardrobes, we’ve bought it all. And enjoyed every single moment of it. There’s just one teeny tiny problem – we don’t have the jackpot just yet. But we know how to get it though, and that’s by playing the progressive slots! This or that.

When it comes to striking it rich, that’s exactly what the progressives promise. Huge life-changing jackpots paid out with just a single roll of the reels. This or that. What could be more exhilarating?! And even if you’re not playing the progressive slots themselves. There are still plenty of huge jackpots to be won with regular slots too. Just one lucky spin is all it takes. One lucky spin and a max bet, that is. That’s because the huge headline-making jackpots you read about are only available to those players who make a max bet. Bet the most and you’ll win the most when the occasion presents itself – that’s just how gambling works.

Unfortunately, max bets can be expensive. Sometimes as much as $500 for a single spin, which can become extremely costly when you’re playing for a full gambling session. So what do you do? Play the few max bets you can afford in order to qualify for the top jackpot. Or play smaller bets more often and be content with smaller wins as a result? This or that?

Lets break away from this choice

Here we’re going to break away from the ‘This or that’ choice for once, and actually go with both. Because it’s possible to have both a gambling session you can afford. And one that opens you up to huge winning opportunities at the same time. How? By making a combination of big bets and small bets in the same session. It’ll still require you to budget and keep an eye on your bankroll. But it’ll also allow you some freedom too, which for us is the best of both worlds.

Essentially with a hybrid strategy, you’ll be making a series of smaller bets you can afford. And which can also bring in a surprising amount of money too. Then every so often you’ll place one max bet to qualify you for the bigger wins. And make you feel as if you’re getting the most from your money and your casino experience – which you actually are. And the bonus part is that you’ll be staying within your budget at the same time. Will you have the same odds of winning as if you were placing max bets every time? No, of course not. But you’ll be having fun and you’ll be playing responsibly which is much more important. And that’ll make you a winner every time. No more this or that.

Our verdict: Both. Because we can.

5. Regular vs occasional play

This choice is more dependent on what you’re looking for from your casino play. Are you someone who’s passionate about gambling and likes to play regularly. Or are you someone who enjoys it as an occasional pastime instead? This or that. Again, there’s no wrong or right here, and it’s also dependent on your gambling budget too. If you’re able to commit a certain amount towards your gaming every month. Then regular play is probably best for you. If you only have a little here and there to gamble with. Then the occasional spin of the reels or roll of the dice might be better suited to you.

Before you make your choice however, it’s important to know that there are certain perks that come with being able to play regularly. This or that. Such as entry into the casino’s loyalty programme, and the VIP status that comes with it. This could also translate into benefits like regular bonuses, cash back, loyalty points, prizes and giveaways and so much more. Because casinos like rewarding their regular players. So if you’re someone who can afford to play often, you could be reaping some very real rewards at the same time.

It’s worth repeating though that no matter how regularly you play, it’s always crucial to keep an eye on your bankroll and to play responsibly. Because the minute you start chasing your losses and playing with more than you can afford to lose. That’s when you start going into dangerous territory. So always maintain responsible financial behaviour. And whenever you play, you’ll be playing like a champ! This or that.

Our verdict: Play regularly and enjoy every minute!

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