Tips & Tricks for Beginner Slot Players

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If you’re new to playing online slots, don’t be intimidated! We have you covered with a few tricks of the trade in order to guide you along.

  1. Progressives slots can be good. Be careful of the amount for progressive jackpots. The smaller payouts will be less however, if you hit the big one, you might just be winning millions. Remember, the payout prize will improve as the jackpot gets larger so you may want to start playing when you see the progressive jackpot is fairly large.
  2. Review the Pay Table. Every slot has a pay table that outlines what you’ll need in order to win. It will show you all of the symbols and how many of each you will need to win anything. Every symbol will also have a different value so it’s good to familiarize yourself with this beforehand. Some slots will also pay more for certain symbols.
  3. Bet Max Coins. This goes for lines as well. Your payout rate is much better when you’re betting max lines. For instance, you’re betting off spinning a slot once at a minimum of $10 than spinning it 10 times for $1.
  4. Know the paylines inside and out. You’ll want to sort of study the paylines and ways you can win (the route). For instance on the ‘ways slots’ there will be 243 ways to win from left to right and left right across. For paylines, you can normally only win from left to right.
  5. Try a free play first. Before you start to spend actual money on your slots, look for a no deposit bonus or a demo slot so you can get a feel for how the slot actually works.
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