Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan Wins $1.5M in a Single Day

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Tom “durrrr” Dwan always seems to be making the headlines in online poker industry news, and he’s done it again this past Sunday, making up for any losses suffered in London in recent weeks by racking up $1.5 million on the cash tables at Full Tilt Poker.

Dwan was seated across the virtual felt from fellow nosebleed stakes artist Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies at a $500/$1,000 PL Omaha table. The first 500 hands or so went nice and smooth without too much to report, but then the tables turned heavily into Dwan’s favor.

In the first major hand of the evening, Sahamies 5-bet Dwan pre-flop to $18k. The flop brought 5-8-J with two hearts facing. Dwan checked and Sahamies bet the max pot limit of $36k. It turned out to be a smooth check-raise move from Dwan who came over the top with $144k. Sahamies pushed all in for about $190k. Ilari showed top two pair, Dwan an open ended straight plus nut flush draw hand. Tom hit the straight on the turn and Sahamies got no help from the river, banking $416,000 for “durrrr”.

In a remarkably similar hand, Dwan took the lead once more, but this time it was Dwan’s top two pair that left Sahamies seeking the nut flush draw from double spades on the flop. With the upper hand, Dwan chose to let his opponent run it twice, but “durrrr” took both halves of the pot for more than $302,000.

Yet another massive pot would come as Dwan 5-bet pre-flop to raise the pot to $162k before a fully suited 4-8-9 of clubs fell. Dwan raised enough to put Ilari all in; a bad call in the end. Dwan had already hit the nut flush with the Ace of clubs and “Ziigmund” was drawing dead. Another $275,000 went to Dwan’s already massive chips stack.

By the time the session was over, Ilari Sahamies had lost about $1.2 million to Tom Dwan over about 1,000 hands of play. Add to that another $300k from other action on the day and “durrrr” was up $1.5 million in a single Sunday.

In related news, the “Durrrr Challenge” has heated up this month as Tom Dwan has taken on Dan “JungleMan12” Cates for about 15% of the required 50,000 hands. As of October 2nd, Cates is already up $689,000. If his luck can run true at this rate, Cates stands to win $1.5 million off Dwan, plus whatever he makes at the Full Tilt Poker tables.

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