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Trivia is fun and exciting! You may be good at gambling online. But how good are you with gambling trivia? Take a look at our top tips and weird and wonderful facts, and find out how much you really know about your favourite pastime.

1. It’s older than you think
Although you might think online gambling to be a fairly recent development. In fact online casino gaming has been around since the mid-90s – 1994, to be exact. That year, Antigua and Barbuda set a precedent by allowing operators to apply for a remote gambling licence for the very first time. And the rest is history.

Microgaming is big in the game

First to rise to the challenge was Microgaming with The Gaming Club trivia, in 1994. Followed swiftly by CryptoLogic’s development of InterCasino in 1996. The graphics and games weren’t as slick and professional as the level of quality you’re used to now. But nearly 30 years ago. The technology was ground-breaking. And with live online gaming, VR and augmented reality. The innovation hasn’t stopped yet. Stick around. Online casino gambling is going places. And you don’t want to be left behind!

You know the saying….

2. Boys will be boys
While more and more women are starting to enjoy the benefits of gambling online. Men still make up the majority of the player base. Statistics say that 11% of those who actively browse the internet are accessing online gambling websites. With men contributing to 80% of that number. While the statistics do include sports betting. Which is still a considerably male-dominated space and could therefore skew the numbers. The fact remains that more men gamble online than women. Which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, just an interesting thing. This is some trivia for you!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

3. It’s not all about Las Vegas
When you think gambling, you think Las Vegas. It’s a natural reaction. However, you might be surprised to know that the world’s biggest casino is nowhere near the Strip. In fact, it’s 11,774 kilometres away, in the region of Macau on the south coast of China. And believe us, when we say big, we mean BIG! Think 3,800 slot machines, 800 gaming gables, a 15,000-seater arena, a hotel with 2,900 rooms. And ample shops, restaurants and other venues too. All laid out within a giant 50,700m2 area. Which in itself lies in a 980,000m2 hotel building. You won’t be struggling to get your daily steps in when you visit the Venetian Macau, that’s for sure. All we can say is. Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to be astonished at every turn. Here comes more trivia.

 Stick with people you know

4. Better the devil you know
Here’s a fact to wow your friends with. Did you know that Roulette is nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Game’? Trivia you can’t be beat. Not because it’s hell to play. But because if you add up all the numbers on the wheel. You’ll have a total of 666, which is traditionally known as the number of the beast. Of course that doesn’t mean you need to steer clear of Roulette or be afraid of it in any way. In fact, Roulette is one of the most entertaining table games you’ll find at any casino. With super-friendly odds on outside bets such as betting on black or red. Or an odd or even number. Nothing to be scared of here. Just amazingly good fun ahead!

5. Get reel
We know you love slots and trivia. Who doesn’t? They’re fun, they’re fast-paced, and they’re full of glorious jackpots. But where did they actually come from, and who do we have to thank for their invention? Well, that title goes to Charles Fey, who devised the very first slot machine back in 1895. Titled ‘Liberty Bell’, the slot included 5 symbols and 3 reels, and allowed for automatic payouts. Unfortunately, Fey did not gain a patent for his popular invention. And soon slot machines began popping up everywhere. Which is why you have so many hundreds of titles to choose from at your online casino today.

Sometimes you just gotta say it

6. Slots of money
It’s probably obvious but we’ll say it anyway. When it comes to profitability, no other game pulls in the money like slots. Here’s some more trivia for you. They’re easy to learn and there’s no complicated strategy to memorize. Literally just place your bet, push a button, and off you go! The quicker the slots spin, the more adrenaline you feel. And the more money the house makes. It’s a win-win. Of course, in order to make sure you stick to your budget, you’ll need to be careful with your money. Don’t fall into the trap of playing with more than you can afford to spend. And definitely don’t play with funds that you’ve earmarked for something else. The house makes money off slots. But they don’t need to make money off you. Play it safe, have fun, and stay within your limits. It’s by far the best way to gamble.

Which type do you prefer?

7. European or American?
We’re not talking about holidays overseas. We’re talking about Roulette and trivia. And which version is the better one to pick from a player standpoint. While the two variations may seem similar. There’s one important distinction that can’t be overlooked. The double zero. While European Roulette has 37 spaces on the wheel. With numbers from 0 to 36. American Roulette has 38, with an additional double zero space. And while you might think it a small addition, it in fact makes a big difference. Increasing the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%, giving the house more than double the chance of making money off you. We’re not telling you which game to play – by all means, if you love American Roulette then spin the wheel. Just be mindful of your bankroll though, and make sure you’re always playing within your means.

And there you have it – fun, fantastic facts about gambling that have hopefully increased your knowledge and your gaming capabilities at the same time. Of course, the most important piece of information about gambling is that it’s a leisure activity. So no matter what games you play. Whether you’re gambling in real life or online. Always remember to enjoy yourself, and you’ll be a winner every time.

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