Ultra-luxurious gifts for Father’s Day

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It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 21 June, and if you’ve been looking for the perfect gift to show Dad how much you care, that’s where we come in. Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve put together for you, then take your casino jackpot and give Dad his most luxurious Father’s Day yet!

Put Dad in the driver’s seat of a Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition

Forget socks or soap on a rope – this year go all out and splurge on a Porsche for Father’s Day! But not just any Porsche of course – instead, the limited edition Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, one of just 992 units made, and carrying a price tag of $180,600. Yes, that might sound a little steep when all you’re used to getting Dad is breakfast in bed, but come now, isn’t he worth it?

The Porsche certainly is, built as one of four Heritage Design models and designed to pay homage to the legacy of the recently unveiled 992-generation 911 Targa 4S. And while US deliveries are only expected to take place later this year, there’s plenty to look forward to in the meantime – like classic white stripes on the fenders and lower side of the body, exclusive five-spoke wheels and gold badges on the outside, and opulent two-tone corduroy upholstery on the interior. With a choice of seven-speed manual transmission or PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission, it’s ideal for every type of driver and every type of dad. In fact it’s a given that yours will be obsessed with it, so in fact the only real question to ask is, what colour do you want it to come in?

Sit Dad down on a stylish scooter

You might not think your dad’s the scooter type – but that’s only because he hasn’t seen this one yet. Introducing the limited-edition Vespa 946 Christian Dior, a luxurious collaboration between Vespa and Dior, and a vehicle that’s part scooter, part runway extravaganza!

A modern take on the 2012 classic by Piaggio, the 946 features exclusive wheels designed by the famed Maria Grazia Chiuri, the director of Dior’s women’s collection and someone with a unique eye for style and designer flair. “I have so many happy memories starring a Vespa,” she says. “It’s a symbol of Italian-ness that is intricately linked to my personal history, and it’s now part of my professional life at Dior.”

Don’t worry, this iteration hasn’t strayed too far from the design motifs that have made Vespa famous over the years – it still has its iconic curves, although this time emblazoned with the House of Dior’s iconic motif on its saddle, the matching suitcase on its luggage rack, and the helmet featured as part of its optional accessories line. Because what’s a Vespa without accessories, right?

The 2021 Vespa 946 Christian Dior is set to be released in spring next year, and while its price has yet to be announced, there’s plenty of time still to save for it. Just print out a picture for Dad this year (along with a bottle of something fabulous) and you should have it just in time for Father’s Day in 2021. And if Dad’s not overly keen on it when it does arrive, then hey, brand-new scooter for you! That worked out well, didn’t it…

Give Dad the gift of time with a Rolex Submariner

One of the most classic Rolex styles of all time, the Submariner is the ideal gift for Dad this year, combining style and substance into one elegant, premium quality timepiece. If you’re struggling to choose from the vast range of Submariners available, why not start Dad off with a Submariner 16610 – the perfect blend of modern and traditional, and the type of watch that can take a hard day, and still look good at the end of it.

Whether your dad’s an outdoor enthusiast or a classic couch potato, the Submariner will serve him well with a resilient stainless steel casing, a stylish black dial with luminous white markings, and a tough, stylish oyster bracelet with a stainless steel finish. Equally perfect for lounging round the house, or taking out to dinner and a show. What’s more, with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, it’s built to last – and it’s powered with the Rolex calibre 3135 too. While the Submariner may have been originally created for divers and explorers, over the years it’s evolved to become part of any and every lifestyle – so if your dad’s the kind of man that leaves an indelible impression on people, this is exactly the kind of watch to suit that impactful personality. Want to present him with the ultimate Father’s Day present? Tick tock, tick tock – time is running out!

Spoil Dad with the indulgences he deserves

Sure limited edition Porsches and classic Rolexes are all well and good – but what if Dad just wants a sip of whisky and a taste of chocolate? Then we’ve got the perfect recommendations for both, and the perfect Father’s Day hamper idea too.

The first thing you’ll need? A bottle of Balvenie PortWood 21, currently retailing for around $225, and imminently affordable, whether you have a casino jackpot to spend or not. With notes of honey, fruit and spice, and a silky, creamy texture on the palate, it’s perfect for before dinner, after dinner, or any time of day it’s acceptable to drink whisky. Which on Father’s Day, is all day.

Dad’s treats don’t stop there though – pair his whisky with a Sampler Gift Box of K+M Extravirgin Chocolates, a confection designed by famed chef Thomas Keller, in collaboration with olive oil producer Armando Manni. Using a method designed to keep the cocoa beans rich in antioxidants throughout processing, and enhanced with MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil, each chocolate bar is a triumph of flavour and indulgence. Thanks to the handy Sampler Gift Box, there’s no need to choose just one bar to give to dad – now you can give him four instead, with flavours ranging from coffee, caramel and sea salt to caramel and butterscotch, malt, and grapefruit and caramel too. In fact, maybe order an extra gift box for yourself while you’re at it – that way you won’t have to steal Dad’s before he even gets a chance to open it!

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