What Are Non-Cashable Casino Bonuses?

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Every online casino presents a new player bonus of some sort, and they all come with a long, mind-numbing, fine print text that details the terms of the bonus. In the case of a no deposit bonus, the terms will often state that it is a “non-cashable” bonus. If you can’t cash out the bonus by completing the extensive wagering requirements detailed in the terms and conditions, is it really worth claiming such a bonus?

The answer really depends on everything else defined in the terms of a deposit or no deposit bonus, but in general, the answer is yes. Even a non-cashable no deposit bonus has its perks if the terms allow, and you must look at the situation in the long term.

First things first, you will need to see if the non-cashable bonus is what we in the business call a “phantom bonus” or a “sticky bonus”. A phantom bonus will vanish from the player’s account the moment a withdrawal is processed, whereas a sticky bonus will remain in the player’s account until it is lost in the process of gambling.

Sticky bonuses are more beneficial to the player because they have the potential to last longer. By placing wagers with the bonus cash, the player should be consistently racking up comp points. Comp points have everything to do with a player’s VIP status and eligibility to take advantage of extended promotional offers. At the average online casino, a player can trade in 1,000 comp points for $1 in cash. When comp points are converted to cash, it is real money that instantly belongs to the player, no strings attached.

A phantom bonus can generally be used in the same manner, but to take full advantage of its comp point benefits the player is discouraged from making a withdrawal. It is a common stipulation that a person must play through their real money before any bonus credits will be applied to their gambling wagers, thus any comps earned are actually derived from the players real money, not the bonus, unless the player loses enough to deplete the real money portion of the bankroll.

One last stipulation you will want to look very closely for in the terms and conditions of a no deposit bonus is whether the derived profits are cashable. In many cases, the actual bonus is non-cashable, but the profits, up to a certain limit, become the player’s to keep and withdrawal once the wagering requirements are met. Understanding the full terms of any deposit bonus or no deposit bonus is the key to taking full advantage of them.

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