What Is a Casino Cash Back Bonus?

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Online gambling sites use a wide range of bonus offers to entice players to join and make their gaming experience as pleasurable as possible, thus encouraging player loyalty as well. One of the rarest forms of promotional offers is called the “cash back bonus”?.

Online Casino Cash Back Bonus

What makes cash back bonuses so unique and desirable is that they have no (or very little) proceeding wagering requirements. In fact, cash back bonuses are delivered based on what a player has already wagered, as opposed to traditional deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and new player sign-up bonuses, which require the member to wager the bonus many times over before they can actually keep any of it.

On the downside, in order to receive a cash back bonus, the player must first lose money to the online casino. Then again, there are many players who suffer downswings while playing their favorite games. What’s so bad about getting a reward for having a bad string of luck?

I bet if I went to the movie theatre and spent $50 on tickets, popcorn, candy and soda, then asked for 10% of my money back before I left, they would laugh in my face. Internet gambling is just another form of entertainment, like going to the movies, a sporting event or the ballet. The difference is, you stand to get something back from an online casino and could actually leave with more than you had in your wallet to begin with. A cash back bonus delivers just that ““ a chance to reclaim some of the money you spent on entertainment.

Cash back bonuses may also be awarded on a periodic basis, depending on the amount of money a player may have lost over that time, or while playing a certain casino game. Some sites will regularly promote a featured game, often an online slot machine, where players will get a cash back bonus for any loses endured while playing that particular amusement.

Cash back bonuses aren’t very large. They are generally anywhere from 10% to 15% of a player’s losses. For example, an online casino might promote a monthly cash back bonus based on losses derived from all deposits made within that month. If you were to make three deposits of $100 each, and at the end of the month your account balance has only $50 left, a 10% cash back bonus would deliver $25 (10% of $250 lost) back into your cash balance.

Be sure to read the terms of the cash back bonus, as they are generally void if a player makes a withdrawal within the promotional period. If your $300 in total deposits was reduced to $50 because you won $500 and chose to withdrawal the bulk of your account, you can’t expect to receive a cash back bonus because you didn’t actually lose.

There will always be a cap on the maximum size of a cash back bonus as well, such as $100 or maybe $200 at most. If you deposit and lose $5,000 during the cash back promo period, don’t expect to get a full $500-$750 back in return. You will receive the full percentage lost, or the maximum cash back bonus allowed, whichever is less.

In the end, cash back bonuses do have a lot of advantages. But as always, reading the terms and condition of any casino promotion is paramount. It’s extremely important to know what you’re getting into beforehand, thus avoiding any complications or disappointment in the long run.

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