Win Your 75 INCH Samsung Curved TV

Posted By: Date: 12/22/2016 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

During the entire month of December, Rich Casino is running a tournament where you could win a Curved Samsung TV. I am ALL over this.

Let me break the slightly upsetting news first, YES, you have to deposit in order to earn an entry ticket. But think of it as buying a lottery ticket. You’ll never win big if you don’t put out a smidge of cash. $50 gets you 1 raffle ticket whereas $100 earns you 3. And yes, it’s always better to buy in bulk. A random draw will occur upon the promotion ending and on the first day of January, the winner will be announced. And no, you cannot exchange the TV for a cash prize. But, why would you? It’s a curved Samsung TV. This TV retails for early 3K and is the most cutting-edge piece of technology on the market right now. Justin Bieber himself does not even have this TV….. OK, maybe he does. But you should too!!

Click on the link below and get your raffle tickets!

Here’s your Good Luck link to Rich Casino!

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