Win a Mustang at Grand Eagle Casino!

Posted By: Date: 12/30/2016 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

Grand Eagle Casino is launching their new slot “Midnight Racer” to celebrate the new Fast & Furious movie which is coming out soon. This slot is very action-oriented and fast-paced for you car fanatics. Even if cars aren’t your thing, I guarantee you will enjoy this one. The atmosphere is very engaging and dare I say it, addicting.

So join Hector and Kumiko for a “reel” street race on your quest to cross the payline.

Midnight Racer features 30 paylines, 5 reels with 2 wilds and a scatter. You have the chance to win up to 20 Free Spins at a 3x Multiplier!! You might even win up to 124,890 coins on one single spin!

The only question is: can you handle Midnight Racer?

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